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Business Plan for Meals on Wheels

Meals on wheels will be a sole trader company aimed at providing quality services (Ogunlar, 2012, 4) along the routes that are popular with university students at Brighton and Sussex University, fussing both clarity and profit maximisation. This type of business is most appropriate because it requires a minimal capital...

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My Experience at William Blue Dinning Restaurant

The William Blue Dinning restaurant is renown in offering hospitality students with live training for competence in their career. During my first day at the restaurant as a trainee, I had many expectations. The theory I had was now to be put into practice. According to the hygiene memo I...

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Restaurant Leadership and Management

Restaurant leadership and management entails making of decisions and solving problems at various hierarchies. Some decisions and problems are only made at the top management level, without necessitating participating of employees in the lower ranks. However, most decisions require consultation with all levels of employees within the organization. Therefore, the...

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The Role of a Sommelier in a Restaurant

Working as a Sommelier has a lot of challenges and one has to be acquainted with the duties and responsibilities of being a wine waitress in any restaurant. Working as at William Blue Dining, Sydney has greatly improved my knowledge of the work. I have learned a lot about the...

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The Bridge Restaurant: A Successful Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

The Bridge Room is an excellent dining restaurant located at ground level, 44 Bridge Street in Sydney NSW, Australia (“The Bridge Room,” n.d.). The restaurant delivers personal and highly attentive service in which all the details of the service from the beginning to the end of each activity is bespoke....

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Savoring the Grape: Embarking on a Delectable Wine Tasting Journey

My fourth day at the restaurant was marked by an interesting experience since I was able to manage 3 tables and, in the process, acquire unique skills regarding wine testing. I was able to manage 1 table of 5 and 2 tables of 2 where the guests were able to...

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William Blue Dining Restaurant

In my second day at William Blue Dining restaurant, I was not as nervous as I was on my very first day. I was able to evade the kind of blunders I did during my first day. However, I had a challenge on questions the guests were asking concerning the...

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My Experience At William Blue Dining

William blue dining is high quality and award-winning upmarket dining, it is known for its good experience in demonstrating best practice industry standards. It mostly deals in food dishes and drinks. I have worked for this restaurant for quite some time, and my experience has been excellent. This paper seeks...

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La Mer Restaurant

La Mer Restaurant is in Hawaii, right next to Waikiki Beach, in a beautiful setting. Diners arrive early enough to witness the sundowner thanks to the restaurant's magnificent ocean views and sunsets. La Mer boasts of international recognition and the exclusive five star accolades that sets it a bar from...

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Can a restaurant for the rich benefit the poor?

(Kormann 2) asserts that Kamilla Seidler's kitchen in Gustu is a representation of societal advancement in addition to being a high-end restaurant for the wealthy. Meyer's expansive Food Company seeks to end poverty by teaching people to prepare in addition to focusing on profitability. In order to stop McDonaldization, he...

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Fine-Dining Restaurant Selection

Fine dining is a combination of the finest food, as well as the service and environment of the restaurant. Others regard it as the most expensive form of restaurant that can be established and managed (Harrington et al. 273). It indicates that one can generate more money while also spending...

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‘Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc: Disrupting the Fast-food Business.’

Chipotle Mexican Grill, abbreviated as CMG, is a fast casual restaurant brand with locations in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. This chain's main specialties are tacos and burritos, which have standardized prices across all locations. From its inception, CMG has held a sizable market share in its primary...

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