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You may want to define hiking in your hiking essay as a long walk, often in a park or forest area, usually on hilly terrain. One can hike anywhere in the world. Some hiking essays mention that hiking areas, that are famous with tourists, have specific hiking routes – trails, which one can take, usually trails feature the most picturesque spots of the area. Writers of essays note the basic equipment that is needed for hiking – comfortable clothes and boots or sneakers that offer good feet and ankle support. Essays on hiking explain why hiking is popular with people of different ages, as it's not a very strenuous physical activity and one can choose trails that are appropriate for one’s physical abilities. Take a look at our hiking essay samples. Perusing informative essay samples is a great way to note some information for your essay.

Feminist Perspective Theory in Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

“Wild” is the US author’s memoir Cheryl Strayed which documents her journey through the Pacific Crest Trail. In Cheryl, in 1995, after the death of her mother, the book documents her personal journey and was published in 2012. This paper attempts, through an examination of events, occurrences and reasoning as…

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