Strategies Used By Emirates Airline To Retain Its Market Share

Emirates Airlines: A Successful Commercial Air Carrier Emirates Airlines is a commercial air carrier which has been successful in the industry. The corporation has remained operational despite the stiff competition from other international airline carriers. The headquarters of the Emirates Airline is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Emirates uses aircrafts...

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Marginal Analysis of United Airlines

The Impact of United Airlines' Changes The company United Airlines when started making a lot of change such as structural and organizational was hard. It is not fair to discontinue this service. The relative costs per flight which include the costs of fuel, salaries for pilots, to cater for flight attendants,...

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Virgin Airlines History

The Birth of Virgin Airlines The airline firm known as Virgin Airlines having Sir Richard Branson as its founder in the year 1984, was established out of necessity. An incident prompted Mr. Branson where he was traveling to one of the British islands. Upon reaching the airport for his flight, he...

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The Role of Technology in Emirates Airlines

The government of UAE fully owns the Emirates Airlines airline The government of UAE fully owns the Emirates Airlines airline. As at 2016, the company was providing scheduled passenger services for approximately 154 destinations across the globe. Emirates Airline operates in the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The...

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Asiana Airlines flight 214 accident

Introduction At San Francisco International Airport (SFO), on July 6, 2013, Asiana Airlines flight 214 was involved in a mishap (Executive Summary, 2013). In the midst of much confusion, numerous organizations worked together to rescue the passengers, and the National Transportation Safety Board produced a report on the incident. An analysis...

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Emergency Reaction to American Airlines Flight 587 Crash

Despite the low likelihood of an aircraft mishap, its consequences can be disastrous. The tragic event involving flight 587 in 2001 resulted in the deaths of all the passengers and crew. Three minutes after departing from John F. Kennedy Airport, some of Flight 587 s components caught fire in flight....

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Norfolk International airport

My hometown airport, Norfolk International, is the subject of my final study paper. Under the name Norfolk Municipal Airport, the airport debuted on April 7, 1938, with the carrier Penn Central, which is now United Airlines. Robert S. Brown, the third Executive Director in the airport's existence, currently holds the...

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Financial Analysis of easyJet

easyJet is a British low-cost airline that flies in over thirty European countries and on 820 foreign routes. Since its inception in 1995, the company has increased its revenues and profits while also achieving the top network position. The purpose of this study is to examine and compare easyJet's financial...

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Contingency Theory in the Case of Parker and Southwest Airlines

Contingency Theory As the CEO of Southwest Airlines, James Parker relies heavily on the contingency theory to make quick judgments that have helped the firm prosper in challenging times. This notion highlights that a leader's decision-making process is not always consistent. Some decisions, however, are made based on the underlying internal...

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Crises in Aviation Scenarios Crises are possible in any aviation scenario, necessitating the deployment of special personnel to deal with them. The reaction compares aircraft rescue and firefighting at a commercial airdrome to those of an aircraft carrier. Differences in Firefighting Methods To put out flames, the navy use a combination of chemicals...

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Airline Flight 232

Flight 232 and the Tragedy Flight 232 from the United States was engaged in a terrible aviation catastrophe twenty-eight years ago. Thankfully, 185 of the 285 passengers miraculously escaped due to the successful emergency management aircrew's containment, but 111 passengers died in the tragedy. As a result, Flight 232 made an...

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JetBlue Airways Corporation

JetBlue Airlines Corporation was founded on the principles of low-cost, refreshingly efficient customer service and no-hassle ticketing. The company's initial purpose was to reduce many of the inefficiencies and difficulties of commercial air travel while also setting a new standard for customer service. Thus far the company has soared past...

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