Essays on Business Analysis

Effectiveness of Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The law demands that there should be independence between the corporate audit committee and management and furthermore, any organization must have one financial expert included in the audit committee. This independence provision aims to make sure that there is interference of management in the audit activities of the committee. This...

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A Business Gap in Tampa Bay

I found a business gap in Tampa Bay, Florida. According to research, permanent makeup services are much lucrative than other businesses. Permanent makeups involve the application of cosmetic techniques that makes the dermis to be pigmented forever. The official name of my business is Village Green Ave which is located...

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Business Plan Assignment

Provide background information on the causes of business failure Highlight some of the trends that have been witnessed and deemed to contribute to business failure Identify possible remedies to business failure by discussing the role of management in the decision-making process II. Objectives of the Study Understand the aim of having...

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Role of Medical Assistants in the American Healthcare System

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the occupation of medical assistants (MA) has found much use in the United States recently. Further, the medical assistants were approximately 600,000 in 2014.  Although the role of a medical assistant is crucial in the American healthcare today, it has been one of...

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Analysis of the Hotel and Motel Keepers' Definition

This memorandum is to state the problems that I have identified throughout the document and I have managed to come up with corrections to the original design document. Having thoroughly read and analyzed the document, I have realized that the document is full of repetitive words and very lengthy words...

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Benefits of Customer Relationship Management

The Transportation Management System is of great importance for logistics management in today’s information times. TMS has its shortcomings, but its benefits for an organization are more significant and have a lasting impact (Helmke, 2012). The Customer Relationship Management is the integration of people, technology, and processes which have evolved...

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Strategic Plan for Cross Senior Homes

An action plan refers to a detail of several steps that an organization takes to enable it to fulfill certain preset objectives (Handley, et al., 2006).This paper thereby creates an action plan for the implementation of the strategic plan within the following three years.According to their strategic plan, cross senior...

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Secondary Machining Techniques

Secondary machining techniques are the processes used to modify the output of primary manufacturing processes further to improve the material properties, surface quality, surface integrity, appearance and dimensional tolerance (Patra, Biswajit and Samantray 2011, p. 76). Various secondary machining techniques include heat treatment, coating, etc. Heat treatment is the heating...

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The Importance of Market Analysis for a Small Wholesaler

Examining the business prospects of any market is considered vital and highly pragmatic for the effective functioning of an organization. For a company such as Duque Papetiers Gros, it is crucial to understand the potential risks and situation of expanding their operations to other countries. Duque is a small organization...

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Crystal Company PESTEL Analysis

Doing business in Qatar mainly depends on what type of business one is setting up. It is possible to focus on foreigners but in most cases those in a position to make the business flourish are the people from that region and others from the gulf region. According to the...

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The Impact of Business Information Systems on Harry's Bikes

This report sheds light on the effect of adopting business information systems on the revenues of Harry's Bikes. It is important to note that companies need to integrate information technology into their business processes. Harry's Bikes possesses strengths that stem from the expert employees of the company and its broad...

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Rainforest Nursery Succession Plan

The report analyzes the succession plan issue faced by Rainforest Nursery. The organization utilizes a volunteer-based model which limits continuity of the operations. The firm is run by volunteers who may fail to get a replacement after retirement. There is no framework that provides for the future prospects of the...

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