100 Exemplification Essay Topics

Do you need exemplification essay topics? Lots of students start looking for them when they are asked to write a paper of this kind, but only some of them end up making a good choice. Others pick whatever theme they see or ask to be assigned one, and as the result, they fail to compose a solid essay. Since this problem is extremely common, we decided to address each of its aspects and help students understand what they should do when given an academic assignment.

An exemplification essay is a piece of writing where you select a specific point, argue for it, and provide numerous examples to support it. It is similar to argumentative and persuasive essays, but the number of examples is its main distinguishing feature. If you learn how to illustrate your words practically, your communication and persuasion skills will be enhanced, which is something most people benefit from. That is why college professors give these tasks, but once again, everything goes back to the topic. Why it is relevant and how to select it.

Where to Find Topics for Exemplification Essays?

Looking for topics means that you have to make sense of what you like and of whether you’re going to be able to explore this choice academically. For following this goal, there are major 4 tips all students should remember. Here’s what they include.

  1. Passion matters. Select a topic that you would enjoy writing about. It could be from any genre and category — almost anything could be made into an academic assignment. If you watch the news and grumble your protests, turn it into exciting exploration. If you read a book and want to discuss it, use it as fuel. Topics for example essays are endless, so focus on your preferences and choose whichever you enjoy more. The more you have to say about it, the better.
  2. Think about examples. When you get an outline of an idea, think about it with more depth. Since we’re talking about an exemplification paper, you will obviously need to support your views with examples, so try coming up with them now. Can you think of a lot? The more, the better. If your choices seem limited and you lose track after the first one or two instances. Then you should consider looking for other exemplification topics — maybe you’ll have more luck with them.
  3. Find sources. Examples alone won’t be enough. This is something you should already understand if you’ve written at least several academic papers for college. So, after settling on a theme and thinking of what angle you’ll be exploring it from, look for articles or books that you could use for support. Are they credible? Were they created within the last 5 or 7 years? Once you’ve accumulated a collection of examples and sources, you can proceed.
  4. Solidify your choice. After you covered the steps above, consider contacting your professor with an update. Most of them will appreciate this gesture, and it’ll also be extremely helpful to you as well. You’ll learn whether your topic is appropriate and if your sources are good, so if there are any mistakes, you’ll have an opportunity to correct them.

Exemplification Essay Topics List for Students

Helping students is something we consider our primary goal, and this was exactly what we had in mind when developing the list below. If you are searching for topics, you can use it completely for free. Take any topic from any category, change it in the way you want, and write an essay on it. You could even use it as a title directly — we don’t mind! We only hope that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

Exemplification Essay Ideas on Government and Politics

Many things in our world depend on the government as well as the political climate, so these topics for exemplification essay are very fitting.

  1. First Ladies Are Essential to People & Country as Actual Presidents
  2. Younger Presidents Are More Effective Than Their Older Counterparts
  3. How Government Should Spend Budget Money to Benefit Society
  4. Why Political Movements Are Often Ineffective
  5. Forecasts Released Prior to Election Results Are Rarely Completely Accurate
  6. Why Do Various Governments Treat COVID Spread in Different Ways?
  7. Why Promises of Modern Politicians Rarely Coincide With Their Deeds
  8. Immigration into the US Should Not Be Restricted
  9. Online Voting Needs More Improvements for Being Truly Effective
  10. Requirements For Who Could Be Allowed to Be Presidents Need to Be Changed

Exemplification Essay on Business and Economics Topics

Billions of people rely on business in their everyday life. Exemplification essay ideas below will help you explore this phenomenon.

  1. Governments Should Do More For Supporting Small Businesses
  2. How American Crisis Affect World Economy Every Time They Occur
  3. Negative Impact E-Readers Have On Physical Book Publishing Market
  4. Could Online Money Exceed the Supply of Printed Money?
  5. Should There Be Boundaries in Relationships Between Employers and Employees?
  6. Loans Should Be Less Expensive No Matter Who Applies for Them
  7. Self-Publishing Cannot Be Effective Unless You Invest Into It
  8. Does Amazon Perform Its Business Operations in a Fair Manner?
  9. Has Marketing Become Easier with the Appearance of Social Media Networks?
  10. Which Party Should Be Overseeing How Large Businesses Conduct Their Operations?

Law and International Law

How about exemplification paragraph topics related to law? We need it, we fear it, we hope for it — writing about the law is both educating and engaging.

  1. Why Do Developed Countries Allow Other Areas to Break Basic Human Rights?
  2. Many Lawyers Forgot What Their Job Is About: They Need to Fight for Justice, Not Monsters
  3. Why Is Marijuana Still Banned in So Many Countries?
  4. Many Churches Should Be Disbanded for Spreading Misinformation & Taking Money
  5. When Do Self Defense Laws Apply & Where Self Defense Turns Into Murder?
  6. Why Do People Not Have the Right to Kill Themselves if They Want It?
  7. Animals Need More Laws to Protect Them From Humans
  8. How to Eliminate Even Minimal Possibility of School Shootings?
  9. Could Texts Exchanged Between a Criminal and Non-Criminal Be Accessed by Authorities?
  10. How Effective Is Death Penalty Based on Numbers

Ideas on Education

These exemplification essay topics for college students will definitely fit your interests since education is something you can relate to directly.

  1. Role of Education in Modern Lives Is Vastly Overblown
  2. Does Same-Sex Schools Encourage Students to Be More Open About Their Sexuality?
  3. Is Gender Bias Still a Thing in Modern Educational Establishments?
  4. What Is the Role of Academic Writing Services in Education?
  5. Why Do Different Universities Have Different Requirements for Their Applicants?
  6. Is Grading a Vital System in Assessing Students’ Performance?
  7. How Often Do Students Report Their Teachers for Lack of Professionalism?
  8. Does Gender Play Any Role in Determining Who Is Likelier to Be the Smartest Student?
  9. Reasons Why Tuition Could Never Be Cancelled Under Current Conditions in America
  10. How Depression Is Related to Frequent Academic Failures

Exemplification Essay on History Topics

Exploring our past is always interesting, and the following topics for example essay reflect this fact.

  1. How Quickly Can People Forget About Morality When Wars Happen?
  2. Examples Showing That Some Ancient Civilizations Were More Developed Than Ours
  3. Is It Possible to Organize Lucrative Trade Between All Countries of the World at Once?
  4. Name the Person You Consider the Most Important Historically & Illustrate This Point
  5. What Causes Do People Still Have to Participate in Wars?
  6. Describe Attempts at Women Suppression Done During the Last Couple of Centuries
  7. What Makes WW2 Stand Out in People’s Memories Above All Else?
  8. What War Was Most Destructive & Why Do You Think So?
  9. What Forces Stand Behind the Start of Feminism?
  10. Prove That People Never Learn on Their Mistakes

Exemplification Essay Topics on Literature and Poetry

Fiction, classics, poetry — they are inspiring and empowering. So take a look at these exemplification essay topic ideas.

  1. How Did Literature Come to Be So Important & Why?
  2. Could Poetry Be as Meaningful & Wholesome as a Novel?
  3. Explain What Makes Metaphors a Powerful Aspect of Storytelling
  4. Why Do Some Authors Love Using Personification So Much?
  5. Twilight Does Not Deserve Hatred It Got
  6. Why Emotion-Fuelled Novels Are Better Than Those Focused on Action
  7. Why Literature We Got From Ancient Greece Is Still So Relevant
  8. Every Person Could be a Good Poet If They Tried
  9. Why Does Symbolism Make Narratives Stronger?
  10. Writers Do Not Need to Experience Events Themselves to Describe Them

Exemplification Essay Prompts on Technology and Internet

Technology is all around us. Discuss your position on this trend via these topics for an example essay.

  1. Technology Helped Make Fraud Easier
  2. Is It Acceptable for Governments to Block People From Accessing Certain Social Networks?
  3. Should Dating Sites Be Banned Because of Dangers They Entail?
  4. How Cell Phones Affect Students’ Performance in Classrooms
  5. Could Artificial Intelligence Become Dangerous One Day?
  6. Voice Assistants Are Too Underdeveloped to be Helpful
  7. People Became So Reliant on the Internet That They Cannot Survive Without It
  8. How Old Should Person Be to Start Using the Internet Without Supervision?
  9. Creating Internet Viruses Must Be Punished More Severely
  10. Burnout Has Become More Devastating with the Introduction of Technology

Media and Entertainment

Are you interested in media and having fun? Then good exemplification essay topics below might be to your liking!

  1. Playing Computer Games Became More Entertaining Than Watching TV
  2. Media Continues to Spread Homophobic and Sexist Ideas
  3. Can Performances in Theaters Be More Interesting Than Watching Movies?
  4. Older Games Were Healthier Than New Technology-Based Ones
  5. Sequels Are Not Always Worse Than First Movies
  6. Prequels Are Rarely Interesting Enough
  7. Should Children Be Allowed to Become SuperStars?
  8. Should Beauty Pageants for Children Be Cancelled Forever?
  9. People Who Think That Reality Shows Are Not Fake Are Naïve
  10. Virtual Reality Makes People Forget About Their True Lives

Exemplification Essay on Environmental Topics

Our environment is in danger, no doubt here. Dwell on this fact through such exemplification essays topics.

  1. Could All People Rely Solely on Alternative Energy Sources?
  2. Can Animals Live with People without Being Threatened by Them?
  3. Examples of People Who Do Not Believe in Climate Change & Their Reasoning
  4. The World Is Dying Faster Because We Eat Animals
  5. The  Way Population Keeps Reproducing Should Be Controlled
  6. We Could Survive Without Using Plastic
  7. Humanity Is Going to Be Destroyed in 50 Years
  8. Examples Proving Why Climate Change Is So Destructive
  9. Spending Time Outdoors Makes Our Mental Health Stronger
  10. Why Preserving Environment Should Be Legal Obligation of Every Person

Health and Nutrition Topics

Healthcare is an extremely relevant thing these days, so you could appreciate these example essay topic ideas.

  1. Do Celebrities Contribute to Unhealthy Perceptions Among Teenagers?
  2. Should Obesity Be Controlled?
  3. Should Parents With Obese Children Be Legally Reprimanded?
  4. What Makes People Become Obsessed With the Idea of Being Slim
  5. Do All People Follow COVID Restrictions?
  6. What Are Most Common Reasons Behind Unhealthy Eating?
  7. Are Diets Useful or Harmful?
  8. Do Teens Start Smoking Because They Feel This Makes Them Cooler?
  9. Why Do More People Choose Nursing as Their Career?
  10. Does Overpopulation Worsen Sense of Self-Worth?

Look For the Best Example Essay Topics Only to Succeed

The topics we shared above are just a sample of what you could choose for your paper. We hope that you found a great idea, but if not, keep looking. Glance around yourself, check the local news, discuss it with your family or friends. Remember that if your topic is interesting for you, you will likely be able to make it equally interesting for your readers. Since your professor is going to be one of them, you’ll have a better chance to impress them and get a great mark for this assignment. Do you still need help? Contact us and get a personalized kind of it. Be sure to explain your requirements clearly, and we will either advise you or write a unique exemplification essay for you. You’re dictating the terms, we follow them.

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