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While it may be easy to choose among controversial topics for your paper, it is still quite difficult to compose a good controversial essay example without sounding too harsh or crossing the borders of being respectful. Even though you choose something that can be read differently, remember about tolerance and discussion of both opinions on an issue. Browse through our free essay examples and see how to keep the right balance. After all, controversial does not mean to be shocking or to speak about your opinion on an issue without explaining the existence of those beliefs that are opposite to yours. Respect is the key! The majority of controversial essay samples that we have encountered show why a topic is important by taking a scientific approach.

Genetic Technologies: Cloning

Cloning Cloning is a biotechnology used in coming up with one or greater copies of an exact individual. We do cloning for development, growing older and biomedical research. This type of technological know-how has been successfully used global in plants, animal, and human. Identical twins can be made in the lab...

Words: 608

Pages: 3

Animal Testing in Cosmetics

Animal testing in cosmetics: a reflection on the benefits and disadvantages of animal testing and the impact of animal testing technology Over the last decades, animal testing in cosmetics has become commonplace and standard practice for many cosmetics manufacturers. The act of testing animals for cosmetics, however, remains a heated controversy...

Words: 1273

Pages: 5

Animal Utilization in Laboratory

The Use of Animals in Laboratory Research The use of animals has become a protracted controversy in laboratory research. Partisans had convincing arguments for their positions on both sides of the conflict. The debate is unlikely to conclude anytime soon, evidently. It keeps intensifying with time, in reality. Nevertheless, regardless of...

Words: 400

Pages: 2

animal testing

Animal research is an experiment performed on a living animal to determine the efficacy and effectiveness of a variety of items such as medications, cosmetics, and the production of military weapons, among others. All human beings now use has been checked on animals at some point in the past to...

Words: 1479

Pages: 6

Animal tests

Animal studies and their significance Animal studies are laboratory experiments on live animals that cause them discomfort, anxiety, suffering, or even permanent injury. They are also used by scientists in their quest for vaccines and curative medicines. Animal research has been the topic of many debates over the years. Although some...

Words: 1108

Pages: 5

Essay on marijuana benefits on health

This project aims to investigate if marijuana is ultimately hazardous for human consumption or if it has certain favorable effects on the human body that can be quite beneficial to the users' lives. This project involves conducting a literature review on some of the accessible publications that describe the benefits...

Words: 3622

Pages: 14

Medical marijuana: The Botanical Medicine of Cannabinoids

Prior to the speech My position on the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes was positive. I agreed with the use of medical cannabis. The conference presentation persuaded me even more to support the use of medical marijuana. The legalization of medical marijuana will have an impact on healthcare. Marijuana may...

Words: 363

Pages: 2

Debate essay on legalizing marijuana

Argument in Favor of Legalizing Marijuana Several arguments have been offered in favor of legalizing marijuana. While many Americans support marijuana legalization, others strongly believe that marijuana should stay outlawed. Yet, it must be realized that legalizing marijuana will alleviate the country of its financial and social burdens. According to Levin,...

Words: 664

Pages: 3

A Criminal Investigation

In criminal cases, providing evidence is always a difficult process that requires extensive study and information gathering. The data given in the form of figures or statements must be adequate for making decisions and valid enough to be included in a good compilation of evidence. A cognitive interview is thought to...

Words: 2150

Pages: 8

Data driven instruction in Special Education

A concise definition of data-driven training is an educational strategy that relies on data to support teaching and learning. According to Abbott & Wren (2016), data-driven teaching is a planned and methodical strategy for enhancing students' learning over the course of their academic careers. The adoption of instructional strategies like...

Words: 1210

Pages: 5

Women’s Rights in the Twentieth Century

Women from the early ages have faced various discrimination in society and they are never given equal rights to the male gender. The efforts to achieve substantive equality depicts that women are denied access to many important aspects of life and the male gender is considered superior to the female...

Words: 2209

Pages: 9

The Development of Intersectionality

What social/historical elements existed that led to intersectionality emerging as a strand of Black Feminist thought? Discuss the elements of intersectionality’s emergence in a history of social movement activism.             Intersectionality is a concept by which the individuals can be able to describe multiple oppressions that they go through. In...

Words: 1163

Pages: 5

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