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As you write your philosophy essay, remember that philosophy is one of the most ancient areas of knowledge – it emerged in the 7th-6th centuries BC in India, China, and Ancient Greece. According to some philosophy essays, the word “Philosophy” can be translated from ancient Greek as a "love of wisdom”. Many essays on philosophy introduce a more formal definition of philosophy – a form of spiritual activity, aimed at posing, analyzing, and resolving fundamental issues, related to the development of a holistic view of the world and the place of humans in it. Humanity's most prominent philosophers are Aristotle, Descartes, Confucius, Plato, Kant, Locke, Nietzsche, Socrates, and many others. Do you want some helpful tips for your essay? Our philosophy essay samples have plenty! Check samples of essays below for more info.

White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville

A group of white nationalists and neo-Nazis held the Unite the Right demonstration on August 12, 2017, to air their frustrations against the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee. The Confederate Army’s commanding general was General Lee. However, as a fight broke out between white supremacists and…

Words: 623

Pages: 3

Autonomy and Society Van den Bos

People strive to feel free, or what is more commonly referred to as having personal autonomy. However, social divisions imposed as a result of social order prevent humans from achieving complete independence. The social constructions of society influence people’s behavior in advance. The standards and expected social behavior are determined…

Words: 1229

Pages: 5

Broadening of the Education Ethics Code

I want to think about how the new ethical code will be crucial for advancing education, guaranteeing professionalism, and preventing sexual misconduct in educational settings. Alaska educators unanimously approved commissioning the processing of the ethical code, according to Dispatch (Hanlon 1). The main initiatives that need to be put into…

Words: 714

Pages: 3

Native American families in Lakota Woman

Even if existentialism was at its height more than 50 years ago, minorities now face oppression on a variety of fronts that keeps them from making decisions that define who they are. Due to social unrest, poverty, and the loss of their traditional customs, American Indians today—who still reside in…

Words: 892

Pages: 4

About just war theory

Just war theory is a philosophical and ethical framework that provides a set of criteria for determining when the use of military force is morally justifiable. The theory has its roots in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, but it was developed extensively by Christian theologians during the Middle Ages, particularly…

Words: 660

Pages: 3

The Concept of Intersubjectivity

Intersubjectivity, the experience of relating to another person’s perspective on life (a shared field of experience), is a central topic in many fields of human knowledge. It is a topic of interest to philosophers, psychologists, social scientists, anthropologists and even neuroscientists. The term “intersubjectivity” has several different meanings in the…

Words: 498

Pages: 2

The Illuminati in Popular Culture

In 1776, Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati, an organisation that aimed to liberate society from the shackles of religion. Their goal was to foster a freethinking culture that would promote equality and freedom of speech. They were inspired by the Freemasons and French Enlightenment philosophers. The illuminati existed in secret…

Words: 497

Pages: 2

How to Use the Golden Mean in Your Design Work

The Golden Mean, Divine Proportion or Golden Section is a mathematical ratio that occurs frequently in nature and is often applied in the design and creation of artworks. It can be used to divide lines and rectangles into visually pleasing compositions that look beautiful. It’s also used in music and…

Words: 527

Pages: 2

What Is Forensic Psychology?

Forensic psychology is a broad field of study that focuses on how the human mind works and how it can be used to solve crimes. There are several ways that forensic psychologists can make a career out of this line of work, from working in academics to assisting law enforcement…

Words: 495

Pages: 2

The Euthyphro Dilemma

The euthyphro dilemma is a theological question that has posed a problem for philosophers since Plato’s time. It focuses on whether morality is independent of God or if it is dependent on him. The answer to this question is not clear and has different forms over the centuries, but it…

Words: 535

Pages: 2

Developing a Code of Ethics – Applying Ethics in Everyday Life

Ethics is a term used to describe the principles that govern how people conduct themselves. Its primary purpose is to help people relate properly to other rational beings, non-rational beings and the environment around them. Ultimately, ethics is the framework for making decisions and analyzing complex issues and problems in…

Words: 500

Pages: 2

How Despair Affects Older Adults

Despair is a very serious mental health condition that can take a toll on an individual’s quality of life. This is why it’s important to seek professional help if you suspect you are suffering from despair or a related disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or chronic…

Words: 417

Pages: 2

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