Essays on Philosophy

As you write your philosophy essay, remember that philosophy is one of the most ancient areas of knowledge – it emerged in the 7th-6th centuries BC in India, China, and Ancient Greece. According to some philosophy essays, the word “Philosophy” can be translated from ancient Greek as a "love of wisdom”. Many essays on philosophy introduce a more formal definition of philosophy – a form of spiritual activity, aimed at posing, analyzing, and resolving fundamental issues, related to the development of a holistic view of the world and the place of humans in it. Humanity's most prominent philosophers are Aristotle, Descartes, Confucius, Plato, Kant, Locke, Nietzsche, Socrates, and many others. Do you want some helpful tips for your essay? Our philosophy essay samples have plenty! Check samples of essays below for more info.

Code of Ethics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protects Americans from risks to their safety, health, and protection both at home and abroad. CDC helps populations and fights diseases whether the disease starts abroad or at home, is acute or chronic, and is intentional or not. Mission Statement The Centers…

Words: 443

Pages: 2

Virtue communication

For many organizations, virtue communication has become the standard. Geographic and time barriers have dissolved as technology progresses, enhancing technical expertise to create global connectivity (Johns & Gratton, 2013). The reality of every company today necessitates virtual communication to perform the majority of its operations effectively. Virtual communication methods have…

Words: 959

Pages: 4

The Allegory of the Cave

The Allegory of the Cave by Plato depicts a split line in a dialogue between Socrates and Glaucon. The lines form four parts, each reflecting one of Psyche’s four passions. The two sections on the lower side represent the clear, while the two sections on the upper side represent the…

Words: 836

Pages: 4

Happiness, according to Aristotle

Happiness, according to Aristotle, is encapsulated in some notion of happiness as fundamental to human existence. Happiness, in this sense, is the primary reason for living and a self-sufficient goal. According to Aristotle, happiness must be done over time rather than something that can be accomplished after a specific phase….

Words: 1853

Pages: 7

On the Good Life, Aristotle

Several scholars argued in the late nineteenth century that the Nicornachean Ethics was incoherent since, although Aristotle stressed both practical and theoretical virtues in his concept of happiness in much of the NE, he emphasized only one -contemplation – in Book X. The problem was that it was difficult to…

Words: 2611

Pages: 10

Socrates May Be Considered a Christian Thinker in These Ways

Because of his position in describing the principles of religion, Socrates’ ideas have had a significant influence on Christian practices. Socrates believed in natural powers in the same way as modern Christians do. As a result of his questioning of Athens’ god and teaching the youth to disobey rules that…

Words: 1079

Pages: 4

Paper on NCAA Ethics

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the body in charge of collegiate athletes’ fitness and long-term success. There are 1,121 colleges in the NCAA, and 99 voting athletic conferences. Even though the NCAA is huge and attracts a lot of coverage, it also engages in unethical activities. In my…

Words: 2469

Pages: 9

Women’s Ethic

Feminist ethics is founded on efforts to reformulate and rewrite conventional ethics to the point that women’s moral knowledge is devalued or marginalized. Feminism, on the other hand, refers to the political ideas that promote gender equality and the status of women in modern society. Feminist social and political ideologies…

Words: 679

Pages: 3

John Mill’s Distinction between Pleasures

The utilitarianism theory, founded by John Stuart Mill, attempts to decide whether a particular action is right or wrong. Mill decided that an action is correct if it maximizes the subjects’ or the public’s satisfaction while minimizing their suffering. However, he was widely criticized, and his theory was dubbed “the…

Words: 1405

Pages: 6

The Happiness of Life

It is normal for a man to want to live a happy life. Human beings aspire to live a good life, regardless of the different meanings of the approaches to acquiring a good life. Aristotle and Immanuel Kant had opposing philosophical perspectives on how to change society in their respective…

Words: 863

Pages: 4

Al-Stoicism Ghazali’s and Descartes’

Philosophical positions are collections of beliefs that enable philosophers to investigate the various branches of philosophy (Sellars, 2016). Different thinkers believed in different schools of thought, both of which they believed to be true and empirical. Philosophical positions that appealed to and persuaded more thinkers than others were embraced and…

Words: 1835

Pages: 7

The “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. addresses the problem of racism that had ravaged the United States of America in “Letter From a Birmingham Jail.” The letter was written on April 16th, 1963, at a time when racial discrimination was causing a lot of damage to the communities in the city. Martin…

Words: 567

Pages: 3


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