Essays on Happiness

“What is happiness?” – composing a happiness essay will help you answer this question, which was on humanity’s mind forever. Time leaves its mark on society and on each person, our priorities, goals, values change, but they need to feel happy remains constant. Happiness essays explore happiness from a different point of view. Samples of essays on happiness define it as a positive emotion, which contributes to productive, creative, and active life. In addition, happiness is closely related to joy. Most authors of essays on happiness agree that in order to feel happiness and joy, people need certain reasons and incentives. Happiness occurs when a person’s surroundings meet their desires when needs are fulfilled and goals are achieved. However, happiness can also come from within. Happiness can be a choice, so we shouldn't allow external factors to rob us of it. Look through our happiness essay samples to discover more about happiness for your own essay!

Social Media and Happiness

In each individual’s daily life circle, there is the likelihood of socializing and interacting with a variety of people. For instance, communicating with the members of one’s family, family friends, work colleagues, friends, and strangers. Based on the proliferation of the internet access devices such as mobile phones and computers,...

Words: 1837

Pages: 7

Interview with Uncle Jack

Since I was a child, Uncle Jack and I have been close. He was around more often than my father, in my memory. I was therefore surprised to learn from him that he had cancer for a while. Despite our near proximity, I chose to interview him because I was...

Words: 1761

Pages: 7

Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis

Whether the separation between humans and other animals is actually beneficial or detrimental is the main lesson Andre Alexis wants his viewers to learn. He wants to demonstrate whether animals with cognitive understanding would be content or whether they would completely destruct their content lifestyle. This is the main justification...

Words: 270

Pages: 1

Extreme Happiness

Positive psychology faces numerous obstacles and critics in the twenty-first century. While some philosophers support emphasizing extreme pleasure, others disagree. Notably, Ed Dier's analysis has revealed what causes happiness and why individuals experience it. Positive psychology should also sympathize because it makes people happier. Having said that, since it prolongs...

Words: 2200

Pages: 8

Maintaining relationships through communication

A relationship is any sort of interaction, connection, or unity shared by two individuals via mutual understanding. Satisfaction is a state in which wants are met, resulting in satisfaction. Every person has their own set of expectations, needs, and desires that they bring to a relationship. When these expectations are...

Words: 764

Pages: 3

A pluralistic approach to moral theory

Attempting to reconcile the Greatest Happiness Principle and Kant's Second Formulation is a great ethical and intellectual exercise that yields some very intriguing results. The Greatest Happiness Principle is the foundation of utilitarianism, and it states that activities are only moral if they provide the greatest amount of benefit to...

Words: 883

Pages: 4

Establishing and sustaining a healthy relationship

Creating and maintaining a healthy relationship is a pleasant experience for everyone involved. Kinesics scientists have shown that the more aware couples are of nonverbal clues, the stronger their relationship. This study investigates the role of eye behavior in establishing basic qualities in a couple's relationship, such as honesty, trustworthiness,...

Words: 2508

Pages: 10

Is The Society’s Action of Undermining Marriage Equality Morally Justifiable

Equality is a topic that has received a lot of attention recently. This is one of several concepts that characterize social justice and its relevance to people's desire of a happy life. Murkowski, one of Alaska's senators, wrote an article about the necessity of equality in marriage. Murkowski (n.p.) draws...

Words: 301

Pages: 2

Utilitarianism and Integrity

I disagree with Williams' assertion that it would be impossible for George will to choose between the two options. In fact, utilitarianism simplifies George's decision-making process. George can determine which decision has the biggest positive impact by utilizing the principle of greater happiness. Williams says that if George rejects the...

Words: 271

Pages: 1

Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill

Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill were brilliant philosophers whose ideas continue to have an impact, particularly on the nature of happiness. Their thinking was similarly based on utilitarian philosophy, and they stated that an activity was correct if it resulted in the greatest happiness in society. Indeed, Bentham and...

Words: 944

Pages: 4

Virtue ethics

According to virtue ethics, ethical thought must be appraised on the basis of the individual's character rather than their actions or effects. Every human being has a goal, which is known as eudemonia. This might be translated as happiness, a nice life, or joy. Living a virtuous life can help...

Words: 343

Pages: 2

Money cannot buy love

Money cannot purchase love, yet it is required for a happy existence. Individuals frequently remark that they spend their lives auspiciously if they are obsessed with love and that they can live without money. Nevertheless, further investigation into this proclamation reveals it to be fraudulent. It is true that money...

Words: 1657

Pages: 7

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