Essays on Mindfulness

Application of Instrumental Conditioning: Social Conditioning Theory

            Mindfulness is defined as the aspect of sustaining a nonjudgmental state of total awareness of one’s emotions, experiences or thoughts momentarily (Merriam-Webster, 2018). Notably, the video addresses the fact whether one can break a bad habit by being more mindful about their actions. Judson Brewer explores the correlation between...

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Mindfulness in Sports

Birrer, Daniel, Philipp R thlin, and Gareth Morgan. Mindfulness to Enhance Athletic Performance: Theoretical Considerations and Possible Impact Mechanisms. Mindfulness 2012: 235-246. Web. This article is important to the assignment at hand because it discusses not only the concept of mindfulness but also the different problems sports people face...

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The Impact of Mindfulness to the First Year Psychology Students

Introduction It would be apparent to admit the fact that the impacts of mindfulness to the university students depict a clear cut difference when compared to that of the general public. This is, perhaps according to a significant number of psychologists who believe that mindfulness alleviates depression, anxiety, and stress from...

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The Role of Thankfulness and Mindfulness in Psychological Well-Being

In the world today, positive psychology is gaining popularity to both the scholars and non-scholars. Essentially, what differentiates positive psychology to other forms of psychology is the fact that it is not abstract. It is something people are pushing for; something that can be actualized. Positive psychology encompasses fostering the...

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A Comparative Analysis of Rick Hanson's Hardwiring Happiness and Martin Graham's Mindfulness

Comparative Essay on Rick Hanson's and Martin Graham's Perspectives on Happiness and Mindfulness, Respectively Introduction Happiness and mindfulness have for a long time been at the center of psychotherapists' to-do list of managing by means of stabilizing, or perhaps, healing individuals diagnosed with a specified form of mental disorder (s). Debatably though,...

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What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness and its Benefits Mindfulness is a practice that involves being aware of what’s happening in your life and paying attention to what you experience. It can help you focus on the good things in your life and appreciate them more deeply. It can also reduce stress, boost your immune system,...

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