Essays on Performance

Live Performance Review

Last week on 21st March, I attended a live performance for my concert review. This type of show was a live performance at the Athanaeum Theater organized by Lyric Opera of Chicago. Handing my ticket to the ticket lady, I walked into the theater. There were chrome edged boxes at...

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The Performance of The Quantum Leap

The Quantum Leap was an exciting dance performance composed by a group of fifty people. The team was structured in such a way that the number of female dancers was equal to that of males. The dance was composed to explore the history of human experience in Australia and highlight...

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The Definition of Drama, Theatre and Performance

In literature, the definitions of drama, theatre and performance are correlated. However, from a theatrical perspective, each of the three terms has its own concrete definition. Although the terms are related in one way or the other, scholars have been trying to establish a deeper understanding of the terms separately...

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Role of Performance in Theatre

Normally, performance is thought of as a form of entertainment and art. However, in reality, people have been performing throughout in our social world.  For instance, in the professional situations, individuals have been playing roles and presenting carefully prepared images to other people. They have mastered the art of presenting...

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The Impact of Performativity on Social Dynamics

The two readings are linked by the “keyword,” performativity. They both showcase a language that affects change in different contexts in the form of social action. In totality, the language, the language comes with different applications in various fields like philosophy, gender studies, law, anthropology, economics, and linguistics. However, for...

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Learning and Development Plan on Performance Monitoring

The following learning and Development Plan on performance monitoring plan was designed for Heather. She is the HR and WHS Manager of the National Camper Trailer. Heather has been with the company for six months and has no prior experience in monitoring performance. Some of the possible gaps identified from...

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The Role of Dance in Cultural Identity

A culture comprises of people who belong to a certain social group. Such individuals share common values and beliefs. Therefore, the purpose of culture is to develop a sense of community among the individuals. Culture is an important aspect of life that holds people together. Dance is one of the...

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The Success of the BBC Music Festival

The recent BBC Music Festival was a great success characterized by not only trending for over 24 hours but also customer satisfaction. The clients came for professional services that would help ensure that all the details of the event were taken into the account. Our mandate as event organizers is...

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Performance Management System in Barclays Bank

Managing Employee Performance: Barclays Bank Case Study Barclays bank is the third largest bank in the world with 155,000 employees around the globe that was incorporated on 20th July 1896. The company is involved in wholesale banking, credit cards, investment banking, investment management and wealth management services. In the report, the...

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Breakdance in Haiti

When the African, as slaves, were introduced to the Caribbean island of Haiti, the carried among them their cultural and ritual traditions. Dances and songs from various regions of Africa, as well as from the diverse ethnic groups, crossed paths and blended to create a new uniquely Haitian expression. Some...

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An essay about burnout among students

Burnout among student services staff members may have a negative impact on work performance and career happiness, leading to a high prevalence of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and suicide. By examining inherent, salary and promotion, and organizational problems, Brewer and Clippard s study, Burnout and job...

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Dissertation Challenges

The dissertation writing process is delicate and demands careful consideration to make sure the case made is clear and pertinent. The difficulties I might run into while getting ready the prospectors for my dissertation could be related to time and health problems I have from an injury. Due to the...

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