Essays on Employee Engagement

HR Practices for Competitive Advantage

This study intends to show how HR policies and procedures at Royal Dutch Shell (PLC) contribute strategically to the company s competitive advantage. These practices and procedures include recruitment, selection, learning strategies, and performance management. The effectiveness of an organization s human resources policies can significantly affect its competitive advantage,...

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Case study of an employee being outed by a container store

Case 1: Owning up to Its Faults: The Container Store Fires Workers First Question1. With regard to the situation, Container Store qualifies as a high-performance organization. It is the one where sales yield the highest profits. However, there are a number of factors that a company should take into account in...

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Employees taking responsibility

The Container Store's HRM and Increased Revenues The Container Store's HR managers have a variety of tools at their disposal to assess how well the company's HRM contributes to increased revenues. First, the HR manager can assess the current or dominant circumstances, such as the labor pool at the Container Stores. In...

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Reacting to Change Through Training and Development

A firm’s performance can be improved by changing the candidates enrolled in training programmes This also will reduce costs as only the firm’s foundations of productivity such as innovative and high-performing employees as well as effective leaders and managers will be involved. Improving team and workforce productivity Furthermore, to achieve an impactful aspect...

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Maximizing employee engagement

Employee engagement and organizational development Employee engagement is one of the benefits of organizational development. Organizational development is the planned and systematic approach to improve the beliefs, attitude, and values of the employees working in an organization to improve their performance and effectiveness in reaching the desired goal. The development process...

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Properly running a Small business

Introduction: As a business owner, it is very important to know the rules of accounting that are to be used. This helps anyone to follow the right procedures when preparing a financial statement. If the owners do not have the accounting expertise, they would have to hire an accountant. In this...

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