Essays on Human Resources

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Gender Inequality in the Workplace Over the years, women have been getting less preferential treatment despite the positions they hold in their workplaces. Gender inequality is very common in the workplaces, and this is a serious issue that should not be overlooked by employers. Many women are bullied, ridiculed, threatened, sexually...

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace is not news of yesterday, but for many years there no alternatives or policies existed for such victims. Gratefully, those employed are beginning to get more motivated to speak freely and have thorough actions taken against their harassers. In the US, the...

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Diversity Skills in Business

The world today is considered a global village because of the present technological inventions that we have.  People all over the world can connect through their phones by the internet, something that was tough impossible in the past, same to the stereotypes that mentioned that people from different places could...

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Career Services Offered by RCBC CareerLink

Our speaker, Briana Harrison, came from Rowan College at Burlington County. She took us through Career Services offered in the RCBC CareerLink that would connect one to employment and internship opportunities, on-camp employment, resume assistance, career-related events and workshops, and career and internship fairs. Additionally, she conveyed the use of...

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The Career Path of Human Resource Manager

Employees in business occupations assist businesses to operate effectively from day to day. In this regard, the chosen job title is the Human Resource Manager in the employment services industry. There is need to adopt various short-term goals based on this ideal job because they will, in turn, lead to...

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Strategic Human Resource Management in VA Medical Facility

Strategic human resource management plays a great role in helping organizations meet employees’ needs and the company goals. It links the HR components for instance; compensation, hiring and employee satisfaction and entails working with the employees collaboratively to reduce turnover, improve the work experience and ensure maximum benefit for the...

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Human Resource Terminologies

This questionnaire response addresses the following. How has HR as a course opened my eyes from a personal perspective? How will I utilize human resource terminologies and techniques both at a personal level and workplace? Finally, three HR topics are listed. How HR Has Opened My Eyes From the personal perspective, this...

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Gender Inclusion in Aviation

Most American Airlines are currently facing shortage due to the management’s inability to incorporate balance in gender and social inclusion (Germain, Herzog " Hamilton, 2012). Studies indicate that over the last three decades, the number of pilots has drastically reduced, but e replacements have been few. As such, there is...

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Human Resource Planning

Many factors that impact business usually are out of its control. There are however internal factors that a company can be able to control to serve the workforce and other fundamentals within a business. Human resource is supposed to look at the factors to be efficient and to make sure...

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Gucci Group

In response to your advert for the position of store manager that appeared in job site on 23 February 2018 attracted me for two main reasons; one, you need someone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Second, sales and client focused individual. These two aspects coincide with my main areas of interest...

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McDonald's Job Description

McDonald’s treats their staff as a vital asset. They provide their employees with the best employment experience to ensure that they achieve their goal. The organisation aims at providing its customers with the best quick-service restaurant experience. Furthermore, McDonald’s strives to provide the best work environment for the staff, recruit...

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The Importance of Corporate Culture in Business

A grand strategy is not a guarantee of success in business. Many other factors impact the organizational performance and success, and one of those factors is culture. Culture in business is defined as the set guidelines that define the ways people behave, act, and think within the organizational framework (McLuhan,...

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