The Relationship between Women and Hair

The notion of beauty among women has not been universal because it has changed significantly over time and across various cultures. The modern definition of beauty places an emphasis on youth and includes features like a thin frame, high, firm breasts, and most crucially, the way one’s hair looks (Tiggemann…

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Beauty and The Oldest Obsession

Beauty is in the shadow of the beholder,” as the saying goes. This may be true in terms of aesthetics and literature and poetry, but with a global beauty empire worth over $2 billion in sales each year, it can hardly be true today. Beauty, as the adage goes, is…

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Asian Culture in Relation to the Gainesville community

Today’s art is an important symbol of the society that a single community of people retains. Understanding one’s culture fosters solidarity and understanding among people, making art a means of socialization and integration. The Asian exhibition at the Harn Museum reflects a lively people’s culture marked by modesty and elegance….

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Despite its natural beauty and welcoming people, Paraguay is one of the least visited countries in South America. The country’s culture and geography are most likely the primary factors that have led to its isolation in the past. However, for a variety of reasons, including wine, celebrities, concerts, dances, and…

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On the Vernacular of Beauty

David Hickey clearly describes the importance of using elegance in works of art in his essay titled “Enter the Dragon.” Hickey needs time to distinguish between beauty and pretty, stating that beauty is something that attracts our eye involuntarily and activates our senses, while beautiful is the end of aesthetics…

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Literary Analysis on the Theme of love in Two Poems

Various poets select different subjects to represent in their work. Many different themes are used to captivate readers and thereby show the memorability and popularity of a poem. As seen by the subject arrangement, the chosen themes are continuously established during the author’s writing (Smith 150). The poem “She Walks…

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Critical Analysis on Topics in Aesthetic Theory

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that investigates the essence of appearance, taste, and art. Aesthetics, from an epistemological standpoint, entails learning sensori-emotional principles, especially the judging of taste and sentiment. Art is analyzed objectively by analyzing a series of criteria that underpin the artistic practice. Aesthetics, in general, refers…

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My Mistress’ Eyes are Nothing like the Sun

My Mistress’s Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun is one of Shakespeare’s poems that demonstrates that love does not have to depict the picture of the important beauty that people remember. The sonnet is funny because the poet expresses his own feelings and maintains that love does not need imitation…

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Beauty has many different meanings to different people, and other people interpret it in different ways, as one person might be attractive in one country but not in another. One can be beautiful in many ways, including the soul, smile, body form, and walking style. A phrase says, “beauty is…

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About William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare has piqued people’s imagination due to his use of Shakespearean language. He has written over a hundred thousand pages. Any of Shakespeare’s vocabulary terms are now well-known and used in modern writing, such as hark, saucy, and hither, which mean Cheeky, listen, and here, respectively. He was an…

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Beauty is relative, as they say, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” There is now not a single set meaning, value or definition for beauty. It is a collectively iffy notion due to the fact its definition exclusively lies on observation. Therefore, each has their ideas with regards…

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About Child Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

Beauty pageants have received many criticisms over the years for being great proponents of vanity among young people. The pageants judge and rate the candidates based on their physical characteristics. Most people perceive these tournaments to be superficial and there is little else to give other than the outer presentation….

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