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The Role of Women in the Society

The role of women in the society has been a subject of interest especially following the emergence of feminism that targets to empower woman across the globe. The female body has been the center of debate throughout history with different cultures presenting varied opinions on the way a woman should...

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The Influence of Beauty Bloggers on Generation Z

Beauty bloggers often explore the subjects in a way that caters most to the interests of the age-group they choose to target. They strive to understand the issues that most impact their peers and address them explicitly. Young beauty bloggers are especially well-placed in today’s online culture. They operate at...

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The Ideal Lady in Ovid's Pygmalion

Ovid's Metamorphoses is at times seen as primarily a misanthropic, twisted dream because of the incredibly high volume of sexual maltreatment that swarms it, as Richlin calls attention to, fifty assaults inside fifteen books. While a pertinent contention, this paper will investigate the depiction of ladies in the Metamorphoses in...

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Comparison of Cinderella and Peter Pan

Cinderella and Peter Pan are fantastic animations that have entertained several generations of children and still serves the same purpose. In the current age, some generations in the adult groups are always impressed by the entertainment to the extent of maintaining their loyalty. With the original theatrical release being 1950...

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The Four Branches of Philosophy

Philosophy is defined as the justification or rationale that people provide in relation to all manner of the phenomenon. The four central branches of philosophy are epistemology, metaphysics, ethics and the philosophy of religion. Epistemology is concerned with issues of knowledge and truth. It concerns itself with the acquisition of...

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Permanent Makeup Business

My business idea is starting a permanent makeup service in Tampa Bay, Florida. Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which uses tattoos as a way of producing designs that look like makeup, such as enhancing the color of the body especially the face. Permanent makeup is also known as tattooing....

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Artistic Elements Used

The Bison in Yellowstone National Park The above image is that of a bison. The animated picture above reflects on the plains bison in the Yellowstone National Park. Looking through the Yellowstone paintings, it is evident that the jangle is in turn gathered with less bison; viewed from the vast space...

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The Origin of Colorism in the Entertainment Industry

Colorism: An Issue in the Entertainment Industry Colorism or shadeism has become a common topic of debate and concern in the entertainment industry. The origin of the bias that is based on skin color often starts at birth or when people are younger. People tend to associate and compare...

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Beauty and Its Definition

How does a person judge as of whether another person is beautiful or not the first time they meet? Through the physical appearance, is the most probable answer one may find. By a large number of people, beauty is solely defined by an individual outside look. However, another group might...

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The Importance of Appreciating Each Other Regardless of the Differences in Our Skin Colors

Subject The subject of the image seeks to address the fact that every individual is the same inside regardless of their difference in skin color. A larger implied subject beyond the immediate, obvious subject is that individuals should coexist peacefully putting aside their differences while assisting each other always (Shatford, 1998)....

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Contribution of Queen Sheba

A woman in the current life has few options to be progressive and influential in the society. It is either you are wise or beautiful. Queen Sheba has it all since birth; his compatriots and father, king Abera, notice the dominant personality that Makeda has and fall in love with...

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The Human Form in Ancient Art

The Early Civilization The early civilization, the prehistoric, Aegean, Near East, Roman, and Egyptian tried to represent the human form in their art in different ways. The representation was aimed at illustrating their culture, belief and the world around them. They used artworks such as drawing, painting, and sculpturing to demonstrate...

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