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Customer Segmentation for Nivea For Men

Nivea for men is one of the highly recognised beauty and skincare brands all over the world. The brand for men was launched in 1980 by Beiersdorf company. By 1993 the company had developed different varieties of male skin care products. In the UK, Nivea for men was launched in...

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Physical Attractiveness and the Halo Effect

After reading the four articles provided, my perception on physical appearance and attractiveness drastically changed. An individual that looks good always has the upper hand. According to Niesta Kayser and Schwarz (p.15), physical attractive individuals are often well-liked and treated favorably by others. “Beauty in things exists in the mind...

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The Evil Eye and The Baby

The baby adopts the hungry eye to depict the evil look. Such hunger is illustrated when the kid regulates the concentration of the eye and closes it a bit to ensure that it is not widely open. The baby also shifts the eye contact mood from laughter to silence by...

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L'Oréal: A Global Beauty Company

L’Oréal is the world’s largest cosmetics company that specializes in hair color, make-up, skin care, perfumes and sun protection for both men and women. The Clichy, France headquartered company, has three branches, namely, cosmetics, beauty shop, and dermatology. The cosmetics branch, in particular, deals with consumer products, professional and luxury...

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Physical Attractiveness and Beauty in the Job Market

Physical attractiveness and beauty have become an asset and talent when it comes to being employed. Like any other jobs, careers like modeling use these assets because it’s mostly required for success. Other careers that don’t require beauty including being a doctor and engineering as expected requires one’s profession. However,...

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The Gender Socialization of Beauty

Gender socialization and roles begin at birth starting from when the perfect color shawls are chosen for different sexes, i.e., blue for males and pink for females. Gender socialization then continues all the way as one grows whereby we are informed on what is expected for different sexes, masculinity and...

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The Use of Anti-Aging Products in the 21st Century

In today’s world, being young and maintaining a youthful look is fashionable and appealing as portrayed by the media. Mass media has used flawless images that have greatly influenced lifestyle of the masses especially women. In this case people are willing to go an extra mile to maintain or regain...

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The Beauty of Washington Park

During my childhood days, I enjoyed visiting different beautiful places with my family. One place really made me feel very happy when we visited. Although we visited the place once in my childhood, I still have a clear memory of the beautiful scenery and experiences I had there. This beautiful...

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Connie's Life and Death as a Result of Her Obsession with Beauty

She is called Connie and she is not like many girls of her time.  She constantly fights with her family and is in a huge rush to mature. Her race to maturity is the aspect that is emphasized in Joyce Carol Oates' Where Are You Going, Where Have You...

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Elevating Beauty and Sustainability in a Blooming Business

Liz Weir and Mark Constantine established the Lush Company. The company headquarters are located in Poole, United Kingdom. Liz Weir was a beauty therapist, whereas Mark was a trichologist. The two met in a salon in Poole, and after a few years, Mark and Liz decided to partner to start...

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Whitening Products as a Form of Racism

Identity in social science means the personality, beliefs, and looks that make a particular individual or group. There are many factors affect the identity of a person. These elements include social class, ethnicity, or gender. According to research, self-identity develops from an early stage of childhood, and this shapes up...

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An Analysis of the Jobs Available in the Make-up Industry

For a very long time, people have been using products and substances to alter or enhance their appearance, fragrance and body texture; these items are referred to as cosmetics and when used specifically to alter the appearance of the face they are known as makeup (Aleksandra Łopaciuk, 2013). Different types of...

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