The Role of Women in the Society

The role of women in the society has been a subject of interest especially following the emergence of feminism that targets to empower woman across the globe. The female body has been the center of debate throughout history with different cultures presenting varied opinions on the way a woman should...

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An Overview of Defense Mechanisms

Q1. Define defense mechanisms. Name three types, giving examples of how an individual may use each. Defense mechanisms refer to a set of approaches related to psychology which help a person in protecting themselves from undesirable thoughts and feelings like anxiety. There are various mechanisms including denial, projection, and displacement....

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How the Brain Encodes Pain

The various organs in an individual’s body play a critical role in in a proper management of a person' health conditions or performance of activities. The organs and tissues comprise specific structure which enables them to properly coordinate their activities. Such the specific structural and mechanical traits assists in person's...

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The Body and Society

In the current society, our bodies and physical attributes are increasingly under scrutiny with the judgments getting harsher. The body and society compare to each other in a way that ensures everyone in the planet is unique and different. Based on that, someone’s body image can get reflected in either...

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The Ideal Person

Crossley, Kara L. et al. "What Is an Attractive Body? Using an Interactive 3D Program to Create the Ideal Body for You and Your Partner". Plos ONE, vol 7, no. 11, 2012, p. e50601. Public Library of Science (Plos), doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0050601. The paper focuses on the ideal person created based on the...

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Athletes and Politics

Should Pro Athletes be Involved in Politics? There have been different arguments arising of whether pro athletes should be given the chance to take part in politics or not. Some people feel that athletes should completely stay away from politics whereas others feel that athletes should take part in politics since...

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Societal Expectation on Young Girls as Portrayed in Barbie Doll

Introduction [Hook] Barbie doll; the molded plastic statuette has become an icon for little girls across the world since its debut. From 1959, the product line of Barbie doll has recorded huge sales in the toy industry. [Problem] Unfortunately, Barbie has created controversies over the unrealistic ultra-slim figure presented by the...

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The Ethics of Body Modifications

Body modification is part of the trend that currently dominates the modern culture. It is easy to come across young people and even adults who have tattooed or even pierced their bodies today and it all looks like a regular custom that everyone is ready to embrace. However, not much...

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Tattoos and Piercing in the Workplace

The question of whether tattoos and piercings are compatible with the workplace has stirred a lot of controversies in the legislation entities as well as the public of late. General public opinion has not been sought in addressing legal issues concerning ‘body art’ since its felt their contribution fails to...

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Body Ink in the Workplace

Inkblots; Tattoos in the workplace. (2014). The Economist, 412(8898), 22. Retrieved from accountid=14923       In this editorial, the author aims to evaluate the concept of body ink in relation to the workplace. According to the article, body tattoos are on the rise and they have become rather like a rite of...

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Physical Attractiveness and the Halo Effect

After reading the four articles provided my perception on physical appearance and attractiveness drastically changed. An individual that looks good always has the upper hand. According to Niesta Kayser and Schwarz (p.15), physical attractive individuals are often well-liked and treated favorably by others. Beauty in things exists in the...

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Gendered Relationships

The Gendered Relationship and Social Norms The gendered relationship can be considered to be a subset of social norms under which men and women are united as social groups in the society, covering aspects of power and control over resources. Throughout history, males and females have struggled to comprehend the complex...

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