The presence of various species of organisms in a given location is referred to as biodiversity. A natural area inhabited by a community of plants, animals, and other living things can be defined as such. Every plant species makes a distinct contribution to ecosystems. Although biodiversity varies by region, altitude,…

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The Role of Flowers in Nature

As part of the plant, flowers make an integral section of nature. They are significant in the environment of its special characteristics and aesthetic value. Due to its color, aroma and attractive shapes, the flower is an crucial element in nature. As a result, people commenced to realize and appreciate…

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Diagnosing Plant Health Issues

Diseases and pathogens affect the aesthetics of plants. Acquiring a working knowledge of the common signs and symptoms of crop diseases is that the best start line for effective crop management. These problems may result in failure , low-quality yield and premature death of plants. In diagnosing plant health problems,…

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Fertilizer Explosion in Texas

Ammonium nitrate is a key component of fertilizer production. Nitrogen is an essential component of the chlorophyll used by plants to make food. In addition, nitrogen is one of the components used in the production of proteins by the farm. Farmers also recognize the need for nitrogen in a plant…

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Importance of Plants

Plants can be labeled as the organisms within the biological kingdom Plantae. They are a kind of species which are considered to manufacture their food thru photosynthesis, and they have a limited motility. They are a vast range of organisms which include; trees, shrubs, ferns, grasses, forbs, mosses and vines….

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The Role of Biochar in Environmental Conservation and Agriculture

Plants rely on the ability of soil to provide secure environments for their development. The suitability of soil for the growth of plants relies upon on its structure, texture, ability to provide vitamins (fertility), and water holding capacity. Additionally, it should grant optimum conditions for the survival of microbes. There…

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Biology, the study of life

Any living thing can also be called an organism. The properties of life mentioned below are common to all living things. Every living thing is made up of cells i.e. there are either unicellular or multicellular. A cell consists of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) that is used to transfer genetic information…

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Biotechnology: benefits of the Arctic Apple and the Innate Potato

Biotechnology: Arctic Apple and the Innate Potato Innate potatoes are produced from J. R Simplot and they focus on the characteristics of the consumer and not the producer. The idea behind this potato was to minimize waste and the acrylamide produced by fried potatoes. Researchers cut out four different genes…

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Should Genetically Modified Organisms be labeled?

Genetically modified species have sparked heated discussions in the scientific and corporate community about the morality of their creation and whether or not they should be branded as a form of consumer protection. What exactly are genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Genetically engineered species are living beings, often edible plants and…

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The Effects of Concentration of CO2 on Photosynthesis

Corn plant life and sunflowers are plants that grow in areas that ride sufficient nutrient and water supply. Such environments provide variable prerequisites in ambient concentration of CO2 that is necessary for transpiration and breathing processes. Photosynthesis is the process through which flowers utilize the sunlight rays to assist in…

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Soil Texture

The soil is the topmost layer of the earth’s surface, the outermost layer of the crust, and has properties that dictate a multitude of influences, such as water flow, percolation, and the types of plants that can thrive. These characteristics include soil texture, water holding ability and Ph. Artificial recharging…

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