Sense of Touch

In my life, I would like to lose the sense of touch first before I lose the other senses which are critical for the welfare of humankind. The loss of touch is one of the congenital disorders that result from improper lymphocytic development before birth. Notably, congenital analgesia, a disorder...

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Imagination is the capacity to generate concepts, feelings, and visual representations in the mind independently of the direct input of the senses. There are three direct senses: touch, sight, and hearing. The ability to apply information to solve problems creatively is crucial to human progress. It's also critical to recognize...

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Detection Sensitivity

The audition or auditory sensation is another name for the hearing sensation. It is one of the five basic senses. The ability to comprehend sound through detecting vibrations is referred to by the phrase. The human body detects vibrations through the ear organ. Deafness is a condition in which a...

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Heightened Arousal and Taste Aversion

Taste aversion occurs when a person becomes unwell after eating a food substance. Even if one is aware that the true cause of the illness is a virus rather than the meal, it might still occur since the body thinks that the food was not excellent and therefore the substance...

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Brain Visual Processing

The face is an important feature of the human body that is utilized to distinguish persons when they are looked at. Such distinctions are gained by visual processing in the brain, which isolates and distinguishes specific aspects of the faces. In doing so, the brain employs modularity, with each module...

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Measuring Pain

Pain is a form of discomfort felt by humans as a result of numerous causes such as injuries and illness. The body contains sensory nerves that benefit or protect the body from pain caused by the use of physical goods. Sensitivity causes the nerves to fire when a sharp item...

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Stem Cell Use in Spinal Cord Injuries

A horrific accident known as a spinal cord injury (SCI) can leave sufferers with a severe handicap that is usually irreversible and affects both their motor and sensory abilities. According to recent studies, there are currently over a million patients who are disabled by paralysis brought on by SCI, with...

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Definition of Sense

The faculty of conceptualizing things, or the faculty of sensory reception, is known as sense. It is the capacity of specific kinds of internal or external stimuli to be transmitted to the brain and perceived (MedicineNet, 1996-2017). Transduction is the process through which stimuli are transformed into nerve impulses and...

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The somatosensory system

The sense of touch is the mechanism by which the body registers the forces or objects that come into contact with it. Proprioception, cutaneous sensations, and internal organs are all part of the faculty. It is commonly known as exteroception. It is also known as tactition or somatosensation. It is...

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a neurological case study

Receptor Neuron in the Peripheral Nervous System that Transmits Information from a Burned Finger Human skin contains a broad sensory receptor that alerts a person to the present outside temperature, pressure, discomfort, and any light touches. All the way to the neurological system, these neurons transmit the information they get from...

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The Five Senses

The five human senses are also influenced by human experiences. However, as can be deduced from the podcast, TED speakers say that the five senses are not completely understood by individuals. A person's brain uses the data gathered using sensory organs to construct reality or how people perceive the environment....

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