Essays on Microbiology

Pathogenesis of E. Coli

Escherichia Coli together with other strains of bacterium makes up about 0.1 % of the gut (Yoon and Hovde, 2008, 219). Though most strains are harmless, some can be lethal. The bacteria was discovered by Theodore Eschrich in 1884 (Alm, Walk, and Gordon, 2011, p. 107). Their primary mode of...

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About Serial Dilutions

Dilution can apply to a number of various things depending on the situation. It may refer to a decrease in the ownership proportion of a stock in a company or it may relate to the process of dilution, which we learned about in elementary school science. The term dilution...

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Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms

IntroductionMicrobiology laboratories now play a crucial role in the rapid and accurate identification of species responsible for disease pathogenesis as a result of the advent of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (Guo, Ye, Zhao, Ma, Yang, & Luo, 2014).The VITEK 2 SystemThe VITEK 2 system is an automated microbiological tool for identifying...

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The VITEK MS: The Future of Microbiological Species Identification The VITEK MS is an autonomous mass spectrometer and software system that is intended to improve the speed at which microbiological species can be quickly identified. The system, which distinguishes and recognizes bacteria, fungus, and some viruses, has rapidly emerged as the...

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laboratory experiment

The primary goal of the lab experiment was to look into certain important processes in material science, such as recovery, recrystallization, and growth. The investigation was restricted to dislocation defects, or more precisely, line defects and grain boundaries. Heat Treatment, Metallographic Polishing, Metallographic Etching, Hardness Indentation Test, and Optical Microscopy...

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ulcers and h. pylori

The GI tract functions as an essential boundary The GI tract functions as an essential boundary between microbial populations and human hosts. The tract keeps the two from getting in touch, which could cause health problems. According to Kusters, van Vliet, and Kuipers (2006), one of the possible outcomes of the...

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Microorganisms in extreme habitats

Microorganisms and Extremophiles Microorganisms are organisms that are modified to survive perfectly even in extreme conditions, and they are called extremophiles. The word, extremophile, is used to describe a microorganism that can survive extreme conditions of temperature, pH level, and foreign solute concentrations that are beyond the range that occur on...

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The reason many people support Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research specifically the preparation of stem cells for use in the development, control and elimination of human embryos is considered one of the major breakthroughs in biology. Although evolution in science plays a great role in impacting mankind, our environment, and our view of the world, it is...

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