100 Intersting Definition Essay Topics

Students all over the world look for definition essay topics at some points of their academic lives. The reason for this is simple: they got an assignment and are now worried about getting it done. There are a number of challenges connected with this task, and for doing everything correctly, you have to have a clear idea of what you’re doing. At first, it is important to figure out what definition essay is. It’s a genre of writing where you present, explain, and elaborate on some idea, concept, or object. If you check any definition essay topics list, you’ll see that it could be anything, from feelings to technical instruments and philosophical concepts.

Why are such tasks important? They give writers a chance to look at a specific subject from a much deeper perspective than they’re used to, and such practice will be useful in their future life. For example, you might have always known what love is, but have you dwelled on all its meanings? Did you know where the word itself came from and how people’s understanding of it differs depending on their circumstances? A paper like this lets you get a definitive answer.  Choice of topic is extremely important, so knowing how to pick it is crucial.

Selecting Extended Definition Essay Topics

Deciding on a topic for an essay could look like a piece of cake, but in reality, it’s a complex process. You must select something interesting, educational, and academic in nature. Can you readily think of such themes? Probably not. With tips outlined below, making a choice will be easier!

  • Choose interesting, not boring. The worst mistake students could do is pick a topic they’ll hate. There are many definition essay ideas, and while some might seem easier than others, it doesn’t mean you should go for them. Be sure you like your topic and want to explore it. This will help you feel inspiration when you’re writing, so the process will not only be interesting to you, but to your readers as well.
  • Brainstorm. Discussing topics with friends or classmates is always a great idea. For one thing, you might find a sense of direction for your own essay. For another, you could make certain that you pick a unique topic. Very often, professors receive works dedicated to identical issues, and while it’s not always frowned upon, this is still a situation that should be avoided. You won’t want to be accused of plagiarism when you’ve put honest efforts into your essay.
  • Compare the topic against the word count. Some definition essay prompts are more substantial than others. Defining the concept of family could take 5 or even 10 pages, but something like a word “table” wouldn’t let you move farther than 1 or 2. So, think carefully. If you were told to write 1200 words, select a topic accordingly.
  • Check availability of sources. Be sure to check instructions or even a template if it’s available: professors often provide them to make their students’ writing easier. Are the number of sources indicated there? Most essays of academic level have to be based on credible support. That includes peer-reviewed articles, scientific books, and official sites with tested information.

100 Best Definition Paper Topics

A way to choose an appropriate topic is to look through different helpful lists. We’ve prepared one specifically for you. If you are in search of inspiration and cannot settle on an idea you’d like, check options below. There are 10 categories with 10 topics in each: think about which appeals to you more and feel free to pick anything that sounds good.

Family Definition Essay Ideas

Love and family often go together, but family life also has numerous problems. Choose any of these definition essay topics for college and explore this concept from the angle you like.

  1. An Image of a Perfect Family: Define How It Looks From Your Perspective
  2. Common American Family: What Does This Image Include?
  3. What Does Being Teenage Parents Mean & How and Why It Happens?
  4. Stepfather: Who Is He & What Role Does He Play?
  5. Being a Mother: Concept, Responsibility, and Purpose
  6. Who Are Abusive Parents and What Criteria Should Be Met to Be Defined as Such?
  7. How Could Traditional Family Values Be Defined?
  8. Families with Multiple Children: What Single Definition Unites Them?
  9. Elaborate on the Concept of Being an Orphan: What Does This Mean?
  10. In What Cases Does the Word “Dysfunctional” Apply to Families?

Love and Friendship Topics for Definition Essays

Almost every person has or had friends. These good definition essay topics will help you research this term as you see fit.

  1. Love as Understood in Families Around the World: How Do Religion and Culture Affect Its Definition?
  2. Romantic Attraction: What Feelings and Experiences Define It?
  3. How I Understand the Idea of Having a Best Friend
  4. Friendship Among Politicians as a Unique Phenomenon
  5. How Would You Define Unhealthy Relationships?
  6. Co-dependency: What Is It, What Causes It, & What This Leads To
  7. Romantic Obsession: What Defines This Concept and How It Emerges?
  8. Understanding Friendship: What Do Different Populations Say About It?
  9. Parental Love and Its Inherency: How Do People Understand It?
  10. Friendship between Men and Women: In What Ways Does It Exist?

Freedom Definition Essay Prompts

Who doesn’t want to be free? With these definition essay topics examples, you could make your point known.

  1. What Freedom Means to Americans vs. the Rest of the World
  2. How Do People Who Work All Their Lives Define Freedom?
  3. Freedom for Prisoners: What Features Does This Idea Entail?
  4. Limitations In School: What Are They?
  5. Correlation between Concepts of Freedom and Personal Satisfaction
  6. How Was Freedom Perceived During WW2?
  7. Breaks at School: Why Have They Been Created?
  8. Slavery in the Modern World, Its History, & Changing Reasons That Cause It
  9. Money in the Context of Freedom
  10. What Is Your Unique Understanding of Being Free?


This category is full of easy definition essay topics because happiness is a very universal concept that most people can understand.

  1. Provide Your Personal View on What Being Happy Means
  2. Define Connection between Dreams and Happiness
  3. How Could Ancient People Perceive Freedom vs. How It is Understood Now
  4. What Are Expectations in Terms of Happiness?
  5. Helping Others to Feel Happy: Define This Phenomenon and Provide Explanation
  6. How Does a Happy American Normally Look Like?
  7. Suffering from Depression: What Does This Issue Mean in Relation to Happiness?
  8. Characteristics of Being Unhappy
  9. Concept of Joy as Understood in Developed & Underdeveloped Countries
  10. Define Happiness Like It Is Seen by Families as Unites

Business Topics for Definition Essay

There are diverse topics for a definition essay in the sphere of business. If you are interested in learning how the world works and what money making entails, you might like some of these.

  1. Define the Word Business by Explaining It & Analyzing Its Background
  2. How Do You Personally Understand the Concept of Business?
  3. Transition From Being Employed to Losing Job: Define & Explain It
  4. Good Salary: What Would It Be in Modern America?
  5. Merging between Companies: Explain What This Process Implies
  6. What Are Start-Ups & How Is Their Success Defined?
  7. Explain What Bankruptcy Is
  8. What Is Definition of Social Packages and Why Do They Exist?
  9. What Does Being Fired Mean?
  10. Explain Maternal Leave and Rules That Surround It

Science and IT Definition Prompts

Science and IT are pretty complicated sectors, but they have lots of fascinating definition essay example topics, especially if this is something you have passion for.

  1. Explain What Windows Is Like You Would to Newbies
  2. What Concepts and Directions Does Math Include?
  3. Cell Phones: Their Old & New Versions and How the Concept Has Evolved Over Time
  4. Artificial Intelligence: What This Phenomenon Means & How It Came to Be
  5. Internet as One of the Most Complex and Widest Concepts in Modern Times
  6. Explain the Job of a Programmer: Which Aspects Are Included Into It?
  7. What Defines Smartphone?
  8. E-Learning: What Caused This and How You Would Define It?
  9. Branch of Physics: Talk About Its Meaning
  10. Define Laptops and Underline How They Differ From Computers

Definition Essay Topics For College Students

College presupposes tasks with a certain level of complexity. These definition argument topics correspond to it.

  1. What Is Paragraph in Accordance with Academic Standards?
  2. How Is Education Understood These Days?
  3. Explain Relevance & Meaning of Part-Time Education
  4. Role of Literature in Our Technology-Based World
  5. What Does Having a Degree Mean Today?
  6. Discuss the Idea Behind Plagiarism: Concept, Dangers, Reasons, & Impacts
  7. Define Heteronormativity and Share Information about Its Origins
  8. Brand Loyalty: What Could People Derive From This Concept?
  9. Reveal the Core & Reasons of Fascism
  10. Does Nobility Still Exist & How Could It Be Explained?

Easy Definition Essays Topics

Sometimes students don’t want to spend too much time on their work. In such instances, easy and funny definition essay topics apply.

  1. Poverty: How Do People From Different Social Classes Perceive It?
  2. Define Home Along with Everything This Concept Entails
  3. What Is Art and How Does Modern Concept Differ From the Past?
  4. How Would You Define Personal & Global Success?
  5. What Inspired Fanfiction & Who Are People Interested in Writing in This Genre?
  6. Explain the Concept Behind Your Favorite TV Show
  7. Most Perfect Teacher in the World: How Should They Look Like?
  8. How Do Teenagers Perceive Popularity and What Meaning This Understanding Holds for Them?
  9. Define Your Favorite Piece of Music
  10. How Should Social Media Be Defined?

Creative Ideas

Some people are bursting with desire to do things differently. If you’d like creative definition essay topics, check these out.

  1. What Does a Self-Publishing Process Entail & What Meaning Does It Have?
  2. Talk About Polygamous People & What This Implies
  3. What Is Wedding & Which Attributes Represent It?
  4. All Types of Bed-Sharing: Discuss Them with Examples
  5. Ghosts: What Are They & When Did People Start Talking About Them?
  6. Good Sleep: How Many Hours Are needed & What Dreams Are Preferable
  7. What Are Online Trolls?
  8. Explain Laptop Freezing, Its Causes, & Reactions This Problem Evokes
  9. Rainbow Flag: Where Did It Come From & What Meaning Does It Hold?
  10. “Supernatural” Concept: Explain This Idea

Extended Definition Essays Ideas

Some definitions could be extended to cover more complex or general ideas. These definition paragraph topics will show you how it could be done.

  1. Being Miserable and Committing Crimes: Define Link Between These Concepts
  2. Pick Any Three Related Concepts and Elaborate On Them
  3. Life in Abusive Households & Becoming Abusive: What Do They Mean?
  4. What Is Laziness & Ways of Its Expression
  5. Define Having a Selfish Nature
  6. Weak Teachers: How Would You Explain This Occurrence?
  7. What Is the Best Definition for Coldness as Personal Trait?
  8. Human Sexuality and All Its Sides
  9. Phobias: Explain Concept & Define Its Elements
  10. How Can Segregation Be Understood?

Pick Great Definition Speech Topics and Learn Beauty of Writing

Remember that any task could become interesting if you have enough creativity and stubbornness for making it so! If you have to do assignments you really dislike, such as writing an essay, don’t worry. Look at different lists, think about things you like, and the right choice will come along. Writing about definitions isn’t the easiest things, but it could be captivating and illuminating both. Use this chance to learn something new. Just check the format of such works online if you’re unsure about how to proceed. You could also find more direct kinds of assistance — for instances, we are always happy to help students pick definition argument essay topics or even write papers for them. Contact us, tell us what you need, and consider it done!

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