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The Mockingjay - A Symbol of Rebellion in The Hunger Games

The Mockingjay is a symbol in The Hunger Games. Learn about the bird's origin, symbolism, and meaning to Katniss Everdeen and the rebels in this popular film series. If you enjoyed the first Hunger Games installment, you'll likely want to check out Part 2 of the trilogy. It's a visually...

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The Role of Individual Autonomy and Community Welfare in Criminal Law

Individual autonomy is the act of one being his own regulator. This idea generally means the capacity to be one’s own everything without interference from external forces (Farrell, 21). For a person to declare his person autonomous, the person is saying that he should be allowed to govern himself. In...

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The Current Challenges of Atomic Energy

The world has some contemporary issues which have adverse effects. Most of these factors have developed throughout the years, either through innovations or negligence (Scheinman 41). However, bodies like the United Nations, IMF, and UNICEF among others have been formed to address the different issues being faced all over the...

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Preparation of an Open House

The first priority of the Open House The first priority of the Open House should always be determining the target audience. This includes their age, their location, and even their expected number. Henceforth in this step, we will identify the purpose of the open house and then create a tailored guest...

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Gender Differences and Gender Roles

Gender differences are often associated with the sex differences. Some scholars assume that the actions of women and vary because of the variation in the functionality of their brains (Sammons, 2010). The assertion can be true considering the fact that women and men experience not only chromosomal differences, but also...

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The Concept of Race in the United States

According to essentialist concept racial groups have underlying essence that denote deep-rooted abilities, creativity and traits that cannot be altered. It is hypothesized that essentialist mindset is reluctant in considering other perspectives causing a generally closed mindset. Race as a social construct however shows that race is a socially constructed...

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Identity Explained

Identity can be defined as the main components of a human being that make the main physical being of a human being. These are the general attributes that are quite fundamental and basic in each and very human being prevailing in humanity. Identity has proved to be the main factor...

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Theoretical Background of Human Organ Trafficking

Trafficking of human organs is on the rise as the demand for the organs transplant in wealthy nations is recently increasing fast. Goh, Tan and Yeo (2016) adds that the demand for organs is higher than its supply and it cannot be meet by the traditional donation means. For instance,...

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Social science knowledge

Social science knowledge is an empirical study of social causes of human behavior and how individuals relate towards one another. Social and behavioral sciences seek to explain and describe our acts in a given environment. This branch of science deals with all human-made institutions and the functioning of the human...

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The Case Study: Gemma

What strategies and interventions could you use to support the learners in the case study to make decisions and guide their own behaviour? Habitually, irritability among students behaviour become some of the core aspects of student’s development that the instructors ought to focus on closely. Consequently, it is the role of...

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The Concept of Family in David's Case

Human beings are social beings, and as such, the relationships with other people tend to form our central system of existence. The family is one of the units that underscore the lives of individuals, and is perhaps one of the most critical parts of human existence if not the most...

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The Social Construction of Gender Explained

Given the key thresholds concepts regarding feminist analysis, the conditions that need to be changed the most is that of the social construction of gender. According to Power (2011), this relates to how a person s behaviour is considered appropriate based on their gender and the roles they ought to...

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