Essays on Marketing Strategy

Advantages of Online Marketing

In order to effectively market the products that target customers based on the age demography of 18-26, there is a need to ensure that the best advertising strategies are used. The product being new apparel, it is of great essence to use strategies that are meant to inform, encourage and...

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The Forms of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing involves the application of digital technologies in the advertisement and marketing of a particular brand/product. Advertisement and Marketing is aimed at reaching out to potential consumers of a product and convince them into purchasing the product by providing information. Digital marketing is an emerging trend that is rapidly...

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Application of McCarthy's 4Ps

The business venture started is a recruitment staff agency which deals explicitly in the industry of hospitality referred to as Westone company. Further, it is essential to understand that recruiting for new staff can be a costly adventure and sometimes time-consuming the business specifically in the hospitality industry in the...

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UK Fashion Industry

Fashion industry has penetrated into the minds of the people which has turned to be the most profitable industry in the world. According to Bhardwaj and Fairhurst (168), frequent designing of fashions has been stimulated by the lifestyle of UK people, which has in turn created demand in the market....

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Nike Incorporation Inner Workings

Nike incorporation is a multinational corporation that deals with sportswear apparels, accessories, and sports equipment. I am familiar with this company as it is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and sports equipment.             The company has an internal organizational structure that facilitates the regionalization of its business strategies assisting...

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Strategic Communication Plan for Vaseline

The process of development of a new product needs to incorporate a marketing strategy through an integrated communication plan to help the organization reach out to the intended population to share their intended goals for the project. The Unilever Company has played a significant role in recognition of Vaseline as...

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Job Description of Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is responsible for formulation and management of marketing strategies and policies that will help the company develop a competitive edge in the market while at the same time build upon a keen interest in customer satisfaction (Roberts, Gary, Seldon, and Roberts 2013). However, the marketing manager work...

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Internet Marketing Career

Internet marketing is the choice of career that I have developed an interest in over time. As such, I want to be an internet marketer who reaches clients in the online platforms. The work would entail using the internet and accessing sites that I can use to showcase the products...

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Tesco's Marketing Strategy

Tesco is the leading large-scale retailer in the United Kingdom and world’s third largest (after Walmart and Carrefour). The company operates in estimated 6,400 stores in 14 countries and employs over 500,000 skilled and non-skilled staff. It began with a narrow range of food and groceries but later expanded to...

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Marketing Strategy of Nokia

An engineer called Fredrik Idestam founded Nokia in 1865 in southern Finland. He is the same person who founded a wood pulp mill and started the manufacturing of paper. Nokia became productive as most industrial enterprises used the cardboard and papers are manufactured. In 1895, Fredrick Idestam handed over the...

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Brand Equity for the company

We, Sidra PR are delighted to work with you towards improving on your financial budgeting and control. Notably, in the past we spearheaded Turkish Airlines entry into Kenya in 2010 by providing high key publicity for the giant airline (174 planes) by highlighting tourist towns of Turkey such as Istanbul...

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Nike's #MeToo Shoes: A Case Study

Nike, Inc. has always a leading shoes and sports apparel provider for many athletes and sports enthusiasts around the globe. Through the years, Nike has also established itself as a brand that cares and a brand that is socially relevant. To be able to be the first brand in the...

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