Essays on Marketing Strategy

Strategy for Jimmy LLC

Because of its employment of a global marketing approach, Jimmy LLC, a firm that distributes genetic diagnosis tools, has been successful. The company’s whole planning, production, placement, and marketing of its products abroad are all included in its worldwide marketing strategy (Schlegelmilch, 2016). Jimmy LLC initially only sold its items…

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Beautacious Nails and Spa Business Proposal

Following the very poor returns reported in the Beautacious salon, a plan to increase profits had to be made. According to research, companies that sell their products online make more money. An interview was conducted to gather information about the company; it is suggested that the firm develop its e-commerce…

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About Argumentative Strategies

Regardless of the subject or practice, argumentation may be extended to almost all modes or writings that may include critical thinking. As a result, it is important for all students to grasp the techniques, values, and concepts that motivate the critical reasoning skills associated with argumentative writing. There must be…

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Social media as a tool to gain awareness

I post herewith a research recommending social media advertising approach to Celestica as a way of gaining patron awareness. The research consists of all the information, which the Raymond Brothers need to apprehend about social medial marketing. This include data on social media benefits, ways of the usage of social…

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Marketing Strategy in International Business

According to Carl Schramm, business owners have to carry out adequate research on the target market, pricing policy, production, and the demand for their products to succeed. (Berry, 2017). The acquisition of Chang Dow Trading Co. by Zip-6 will have many benefits compared to its limitations. Purchase of the subsidiary…

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Blu Jay Aviation, Inc. Financial Recommendations

The issue raised questions about the latest corporate financial plan, effective from 1 April 2017 to 15 September 2017. The following recommendations are made as guides for the following items: Accounting of assets: property, plant, equipment, and investment (PPE) Accounting of Shareholders’ Liabilities Equity and Statement of Cash Flows Analysis…

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Strategic and Competitive Advantage Usage in Marketing

Marketing, A Strategic and Competitive Advantage Mechanism Marketing strategy research in order to hit consumers with goods or services Any business has a primary goal of maximizing revenues, but on the other hand, a plan must be created to retain a competitive edge, which includes the marketing strategy is this…

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Russia and BP a Case Study

Strategic management includes actions to define action and establish links between an enterprise’s internal systems and its external environment (Burrow, & Bosiljevac, 2012). Strategic management takes place at different levels of the enterprise, such as corporate and business levels. Integrated cost management and differentiation is BP Russia’s business strategy. BP…

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Placement of Product

Successful marketing strategy is one of the main factors deciding the commercial success of a product. Different businesses prefer different marketing methods for their goods to support the view of the product, public relations and battle various market forces (Ebert & Griffin 2016). Brand placement is one of the latest…

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