Essays on Brand Management

Self-Concept Theory and Branding

Branding is the image that is conceived in the minds of consumers. It can further be described as a unique characteristic that has been developed with time to differentiate products from its competitors. Furthermore, branding is also defined as a sign, name, symbol, design or a combination with an intention...

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The Importance of City Branding

Branding Cities: Differentiating Unique Characteristics Branding is a very ambitious activity as it involves developing a product and marketing it in a way that shows its unique features. These unique characteristics are what define the product for the intended consumers, and it forms a solid basis from where further developments may...

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Company management and Independent Supplies Assessment

Businesses are in charge of examining the financial standing of their suppliers in order to evaluate their sustainability. Liquidity, profitability, efficiency, and leverage are the four ratios that can be used to evaluate the financial health. The primary metric used to evaluate the company's fundamental financial health is the liquidity ratio....

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Rebranding ACU

Rebranding is the process of giving a company or institution a new image, either through product packaging or by changing the brand's logo, mission statement, or core capabilities. One of the most important components of any company, huge, medium-sized, or small, is rebranding. A strong rebranding strategy can therefore give...

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Business Marketing Continuity Management

Comprehensiveness Unlike the ASIS SPC 1-2009 and NFPA 1600, ISO 22301 standard is more comprehensive and organized into various sections or clauses. In total, it has 10 clauses with each having special responsibilities attached. Under clause 4, the requirements, needs and scope for setting up a context of the business continuity...

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less famous brands vs famous brands

The branding philosophy focuses on making brands more meaningful and different so that customers can better differentiate their products from those of rivals in order to promote improved sales and brand loyalty. The concept has contributed to the growth of well-known and less well-known labels, with popular brands comprising well-established...

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