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Product, costs, position and promotion are the four pp of marketing. The product is a tangible product or service that tends to meet particular consumer requirements (Russell, 2010). Goal is one of the world's leading discount stores. Store offerings include food, clothes and accessory, pet shops, offices, gardening supplies, housing...

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Product Placement in Marketing and Advertising

Why is product placement such a valuable selling tool in marketing and advertising? Starting with an efficient marketing policy is one of the critical factors that define a product's success in the marketplace. Several companies choose different marketing strategies for their products and try to promote the goods out the...

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high involvement product

High participation purchases require the acquisition of an object that is expensive or poses a risk of significant enthusiasm in the event of an error. The detailed study carried out, as well, prior to such transactions is an important part of it. A customer, unlike in low-profile purchases, must go...

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