Essays on Social Media Marketing

How to create a good online presence

The majority of businesspeople believe that having little to no online reputation is something to be happy about. The situation is not good at all since some of the potential clients who cannot trace or find any information regarding the firm from the internet may tend to think that the...

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Social media as a marketing tool

Social and media were combined to generate the term "social media". "Social" describes interactions between people, a community, or even a group of people who share interests. A channel or platform via which ideas are created and exchanged is called media, as its name suggests (Razmerita, Kirchner & Nabeth, 2014)....

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Social Media Marketing in the Tourism Industry

Social networks have grown lately to rule all aspects of life, such as news, interaction, politics, advertising, etc. The majority of people have access to social media, which is why by 2013, it had replaced television as the top platform used by people for social activities, according to the time...

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