Essays on Consumer Behavior

the rice in iran

Rice is the staple food in Iran because the consistency of cooked rice outweighs all other factors for consumers. Furthermore, rice is grown in 15 provinces, with over 600,000 ha under cultivation (Mojtahedi, 2014). Nonetheless, more than 80% of the paddy land is shared between the two northern provinces of…

Words: 1270

Pages: 5

Automobile Industry Analysis

Technology has brought various worldwide changes and has influenced all industries. Technology-driven developments can revolutionize how players in every sector respond to these changes (Manyika, Chui, Bughin, Dobbs, Bisson, & Marrs, 2013). Technology contributes to changes in the behavior of customers and collaborations that contribute to growth and changes in…

Words: 1408

Pages: 6

Resistive Client Interview

Resistance happens when someone or something refuses to be given or be changed by some thing else. It includes both mindful and unconscious defenses against change. It arises as a normal, expected product of an interaction. When resistance emerges, there are right reasons the client is now not ready to…

Words: 920

Pages: 4


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