Essays on Consumer Behavior

Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior in the Retail Market of the United Kingdom

This research was undertaken to establish the factors which determine the consumer behaviour in the retail market of the United Kingdom: a study of Sainsbury's. The objectives of the study were to determine the major issues faced by the UK retail market, establish the impact of business issues on overall...

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The Impact of Dark Personality on Snob Consumption Behavior

This chapter presents research findings of the study carried out to investigate the impact of the Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy personality on snob consumption behavior and the influence of the psychological antecedents producing snob effect and its association with the consumers’ dark personality. Descriptive statistics will be used to discuss...

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A Review of Chinese Consumer Behavior and Culture

The paper is a detailed review of Chinese consumer behavior and culture and how that it influences their purchasing path among outbound leisure travelers. Collectivist tourists were more inclined to initiate purchases based on social considerations such as self-image, and reputation. On the other hand, the individualists were more self-centered,...

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Social Media and Consumer Behavior in Tanzania

The objective of the present study was to examine the impacts of social media on consumer behavior within the context of Tanzania. The researcher focused on two specific industries, namely: Consumer Electronics, and Personal Effects. These two industries were selected based on the idea that consume electronic and personal effect...

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Effects of advertisements on consumer behaviour

The dissertation researched has been presented and submitted as one of the units with my approval as the instructor (supervisor) Supervisor’s Name …………………… Signature …………………… Date …………………… School (…………….) Department (………..) Program (………….) Table of Contents Chapter one 1 Introduction 1 Effects of advertisements 2 Misrepresentation of a product in the ads 2 False image 2 Not disclosing the side effects 2 Background 3 Rationale 5 Statement of the...

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Buyer Behavior Theory Analysis

Over the past several decades, electronic products have a rapid development; People s daily life has become more convenient and efficient, by the help of these modern tools. However, electronic waste (e-waste), is the by-product of electronic products success, is troubling the environment as well. E-waste is a...

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Effect of Social Media on Consumer Buying Behavior

Online social networks have become an integral part of the lives of people in the modern age. They are virtual spaces hosted through the Internet where people develop public profiles in a bid to share information and understandings, post material about themselves, and keep in touch with other individuals around...

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How Effective is Alibaba's Single Day's Targeting of Generation Z Using Digital Promotion, Global Collaboration, Fashion Innovation and Celebrity Endorsement, and Which Factor Driven Them th

How effective is Alibaba s Single Day s targeting of 16-25s (Generation Z) using digital promotion, global collaboration, fashion innovation and celebrity endorsement, and which factor driven them the most? Declaration No portion of the work referred to in this dissertation has been submitted in support of an application for another degree...

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Decision Making Model of Chinese Consumers

Even though consumer behaviour is among the most researched areas in the context of tourism, there are few extensive analysis of the areas of knowledge in this category exist. Thus, this research examines how decision-making models of Chinese consumers’ effect they way they purchase destination holidays. By use of essay...

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Consumer Behavior

Different people demonstrate unique approaches when it comes to their purchasing behavior and decision-making while shopping for clothes for a various reason. In line to this, the product, price, promotion, and place play a major role in their decision-making process. This paper tends to discuss the consumer behavior, its aspect,...

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The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Consumer Purchase Intentions in Pakistan

Alvi, F. S., Hafeez, M. Munawar, R. 2014. Consumer Culture: An Analysis in a Socio - Cultural and Political Frame. A Research Journal of South Asian Studies, v. 29 (1), pp. 103-114. The authors conducted a study on consumerism in Pakistan and the prospect of developing a network of mass...

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Influence of Consumer-Based Brand Equity on Consumer Perception of Luxury Car Brands

2.1 Introduction In this chapter, the current study addresses some conventional understanding of the significance of consumer based-brand equity on the perception of consumers on a brand within critical theoretical paradigms with the aim of contextualizing the research findings. The task herein has been achieved by covering the available literature. Thus,...

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