Comparison of Pokemon Go and Augmented Reality Games

Augmented reality game like Pokemon Go differs from an alternative reality game in the way that it involves the players. For instance, while other alternative reality games are built specifically to only use the virtual objects and the applications’ settings, Pokémon Go employs Google Maps to place objects in a...

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Impact of Virtual Reality on The Gaming Industry

Virtual reality is a technological invention that entails creating an artificial environment using software that appeals to individual’s senses making them experience the environment as if they were really there (Berg " Vance 2017, p. 3). In today’s world, this technology has become cheap leading to its widespread and it...

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Race definition

Individuals are confronted with race issues on a daily basis, whether they are aware of it or not, and they typically interpret the world through a racial prism that colors their surroundings white, black, Hispanic, Asian minority, or other. The way an individual perceives or is regarded by others influences...

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A study to see if gender influences the amount of nausea felt when witnessing perspective-motion in a virtual reality setting. What will be your dependent measure and how will you measure it, and how will you operationalize your research question? The dependent measure, which should indicate the amount of nausea, would be...

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Virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR). In my opinion, virtual reality is a cutting-edge technology that attempts to bring everything together for a quicker and more seamless transition of the business. Regardless of how pricey it may be, it eventually saves money. Most users of VR, regardless of location, are thought to be...

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Befriending vs. Friending

The scientist has had different opinions for many years, highlighting the distinction between virtual friends as well as actual friends. Based on common analysis and understanding of friendship and friendship, the two terms vary distinctly from the definitions involved (Cattan et al. 2011). The researcher shows that friendship, or rather...

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About Social Media

This is an online forum that enables customers to share content, passions, careers, ideas and even modes of speech through networks and virtual communities. Various social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, have developed into stronger outlets for advertisement and marketing. Social networking networks have become critical and legitimate...

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