How smart contracts of cryptocurrencies affect criminal activity

A cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset designed to serve as a means of exchange by using cryptography to secure transactions and limit the creation of new currency units. Because of their anonymity, cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin have made it easier for shadowy illegal activities to flourish. Smart contracts,...

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Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are often regarded as the next big thing in the global financial system. These brilliant digital currencies have continued to reshape how internet commerce is performed. Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has grown in popularity within the business sector, both online and offline. Despite...

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The characterizing feature for WLANs

The Absence of Distinct Physical Fringes in WLANs The absence of distinct physical fringes is the defining characteristic of WLANs. Anyone within range may undoubtedly connect to and listen in on (bundle sniff) (Wang et al., 2005). WLAN data is encrypted to maintain privacy; while encoded data can still be overheard,...

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Block Ciphers and Cryptography

There are numerous methods for safeguarding and securing data. Cryptography is one of these methods, and it is described as the process of transforming plaintext (regular text) to ciphertext by encryption and then converting ciphertext back to plaintext via decryption. This process ensures data integrity while also ensuring data security. The...

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What Is Cryptography?

Cryptography is the process of encoding data, such as emails and online transactions, to make it difficult to decipher. Cryptography is a vital cybersecurity practice that can help prevent malicious attacks and keep sensitive information safe. Unlike traditional forms of encryption, which require a code to be deciphered, cryptography uses a...

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