Essays on Negative Impact of Technology

“Media multi-taskers are 'deluded'”

It is clear from reading Annie Paul's essay "Media multi-taskers are 'deluded'" that the current generation of students is seriously endangered by students' propensity to multitask while learning. Annie demonstrates how, after fifteen minutes of entering the classroom, students today are diverting their focus from crucial coursework tasks to checking...

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Negative Impact of Technology

Technology is commonly how man applies scientific knowledge to solve problems. The problem ought to be communication, transport, learning, extraction of materials commonly known as mining, manufacturing, information security, scaling businesses and so on and so forth. Technology can be dangerous and harmful if utilized wrongly, while correct use of...

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Technology and its Impact on College Students

Technology has recently taken hold in culture, having a wide range of effects. Across the world, technology and its disruptive consequences are on the rise. Any world, population, and area of human life are affected by technology's negative effects. The technological aspects that have led to these cases have been...

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