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What will you include in your Internet essay? Internet is a worldwide computer network that unites thousands of different networks located around the world – its very name means "between networks". The prototype of the Internet was created in the late sixties by order of the US Department of Defense – many Internet essays go into detail on internet creation. At that time, there were few powerful computers, so it became necessary to provide access for numerous scientists to these computers for scientific research. There are essays on the Internet that specifically target reasons for internet creation. Ministry of Defense set a condition for the network to continue working if part of it gets destroyed, therefore, the increased reliability of the Internet was considered while it was created. January 1, 1983, is considered the Internet’s birthday. We prepared essay samples you may like – check out our best Internet essay samples below.

Comparison of Static and Dynamic IP Addresses

For the current system, I would recommend DHCP reservation instead of static IP addresses. DHCP reservation is an automatic system that is used to assign an IP address to any devices connected to a particular network, to facilitate their communication. DHCP removes the human input required with static IP configurations (Rouse,...

Words: 408

Pages: 2

The Comodo Firewall Explained

The Name of the Firewall The name of the firewall installed on the personal workstation is Comodo version The firewall is capable of providing virtual internet browsing and is able to block ads. Besides, Comodo firewall can act as a Domain Name System (DNS) server which can be customized (Borgolte...

Words: 365

Pages: 2

Internet Addiction Disorder: Challenges and Dilemmas

Introduction Internet addictions have been a major debate around the featured in several articles airing a range of topics that interest the majority of the readers. As several researchers in this field can attest several debates discuss about the primary challenges around the subject or disorders and problems connected to the...

Words: 1061

Pages: 4

The Internet and Globalization

Globalization can be defined as a phenomenon where regional economies, civilizations, and societies have become united through a world-spanning link of communication and trade. The process of globalization has come with both positive and negative effects in relatively equal measure. With regards to this paper, there will be a discussion...

Words: 2575

Pages: 10

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

The Emergence of Social Media The emergence of social media has revolutionized the world in many ways. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube among others have continued to attract more users in the recent years. The rise in popularity of social media started after the invention...

Words: 963

Pages: 4

The Role of the Internet in Sex Tourism and Trafficking

Sex Tourism and Sex Trafficking Sex tourism arises when a person or tourist travels from their country with the intention of practicing commercial sex with residents of their destination. Sex trafficking, on the other hand, is exploitative human trafficking that borders on sexual slavery. Various factors may drive these practices. They...

Words: 505

Pages: 2

The Effects of Cyberbullying

Introduction With today’s technology, cyberbullying has become easier than ever, and children and youth of this generation do not need to have a personal confrontation. The use of internet has become one of the most vital factors of the information source and a platform where people can share or communicate their...

Words: 2201

Pages: 9

Is the Internet Making Us Stupid?

The dawn of extensive internet use has posed several questions to the public regarding its usage, benefits and detrimental effects. Ethical concerns about the use of the internet include the dilemma of whether it affects the intellectual capacity of users or not. Questions are raised on whether or not the...

Words: 896

Pages: 4

Discrimination of Internet Service Providers

The internet has become one of the tools that is used by people at all times for various reasons including communication, managing their jobs, providing services to customers and for general entertainment, among others. As a result, internet services have been on demand from all over the globe, especially in...

Words: 565

Pages: 3

The Writing Plan for the Final Essay

The writing plan discussed in this paper addresses the safety of data present on the internet while articulates some of the benefits of the internet, encryption and cloud storage. Eladio Quinones is the author of the writing plan. The evolvement of technology, as acknowledged in the writing plan, has helped...

Words: 567

Pages: 3

Does The Internet Make Us Smarter?

“Does the Internet Make You Smarter?” is an article that was written by Clay Shirky in 2010. The article covers a short history of inventions made in the world and how they have changed the manner in which individuals solve their problems in the society. Moreover, the author argues that...

Words: 690

Pages: 3

The Role of Internet in American Politics

The Internet has emerged as a significant platform embraced by American politics through aspects of governance, activism, and campaigns. The digital and social media are changing the modern politics following the massive involvement of the society particularly the youths who have fully embraced the recent technological advancements. The internet today...

Words: 1038

Pages: 4

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