Essays on Modern Technology

about airbnb

Platforms like Airbnb are social enterprises that depend on connections and the network impact. Marketplace startups are a distinct type of business activity since they bind buyers and sellers, service providers, and their customers. It is their goal to ensure that customers have a positive experience and are well served…

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Cell Phones Technology History

In social, political and economic practices, technology has been an important component. The capacity of stakeholders to put together diverse variables that facilitate growth is characterized by technology. One of the unique technologies is mobile cell phones, especially because of the high role played by the private sector in the…

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How Technology is stealing our identities

Our identities, how we describe ourselves, and how we perceive ourselves as special individuals all play crucial roles in defining the kind of people we are. The personality encompasses the entirety of perception and intelligence that we learn regarding the individuals we are, as well as the development of attributes…

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Exercise and Health

Health in contemporary days has been a matter of interest, as many no longer regard the conventional ways of caring for their bodies. Life is far too happy with the increase of technology that encourages sedentary lifestyles. People travel everywhere they go, and they no longer see the pleasure of…

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Internet effect on the youth

The technological changes observed in the modern generation introduce young people to a variety of multimedia devices for browsing the internet. Given its possible benefits, Internet exposure to young people has a variety of negative consequences. This paper provides an annotation of the various literature that outlines the influence of…

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Impacts of Information Technology on the Business World

In the past four decades or fifty years, the world has seen a huge growth and advancement in the field of IT, which is rising every day, considering the decades of progress. The growth has been huge in so far as you still think about the way you can execute…

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How podcasts can help traditional messages

How Podcasts may replace conventional messages Examples A podcast is an episode of digital audio files, which customers may subscribe to to access new episodes that can be downloaded to their electronic devices such as personal computers, smartphones or video players through web-based syndication. The podcast is a fast-growing sending…

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social media and depression link

Technological advances and the advent of social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram have significantly altered the way we engage, socialize, and connect in today’s profoundly digital world. These websites help us make and maintain friends across borders. Although technologies and social media sites have obvious advantages, they can…

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Graphic Design and how it Changed to Digital Design

Graphic design entails crafting and presentation of ideas, information by visual and textual content. Often referred to as communication design, Graphics design applications cuts across major industries, deployed as a tool for corporate branding, product promotion and marketing. A lot has really changed over the years due to technological evolution…

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