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Trenches and poetry in WW1

The Great War, also known as World War I, began on July 28, 1914, and lasted until November 11, 1918. About 22 million people were killed or injured in battle. The high death toll was caused by new weapon developments such as chemical weapons and automatic machine guns, as well…

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Practices that are Current in EMS Field

Improvements in technology for delivering patient care and conducting medical procedures have strengthened Emergency Medical Services Technologies (EMSTs). As a result of globalization, innovations have spread to various parts of the globe, fostering the adoption of EMST. According to Bullock (15), medical professionals need technical devices that enable them to…

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The Impact of Technology on Medical Sector

In today’s market climate, the role of technology is one of the indicators used to determine an organization’s performance. Every aspect of human life is affected by the ever-changing technological landscape. Technology innovation has had a different impact on each segment of modern society. Communication, finance and banking, defense, transportation,…

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The article “You Can’t ‘Steal’ a Culture: In Defense of Cultural Appropriation” by John McWhorter

The Daily Beast post “You Can’t ‘Steal’ a Culture: In Defense of Cultural Appropriation” by John McWhorter is an insightful essay in which the author attempts to speak against the concept of imitating the ways of other groups, with particular emphasis on minority groups. As a result, the imitation in…

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society and engineers

Innovation has played a key role in the world of engineering over the last decade. Innovation is common in the world; it has become a part of and affects all aspects of discipline. According to Lutz et al. (2017), creativity is a method aimed at generating profit by application. Innovation…

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Developing and Training People

Apple has been thriving since its inception in the area of creative technology and industry. Apple Inc. is illustrated by contemporary strategies for employee recruitment, retention and growth. Again Apple Inc. separates itself from similar rivals by inviting different skills, distinctive staff and an engaged workforce. Apple Inc. needs to…

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Advances in 3D Printing

3D printing is an attractive technique that revolutionizes the world of science and technology at a rapid rate. After the early start of technology, 3D printing continues to engulf every field of our lives with hope and creativity. Taking advantage of the ongoing advancement of printing technologies, methods and applications,…

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entrepreneurial discovery theory by Kirzner

The philosophy of entrepreneurial alertness and creativity as per Kirzner developed from a subjectivist point of view. It maintains that the entrepreneurial creativity process is linked to the comprehension stock or versioning context of the actor resulting from everyday life experience. The sense of creation in this way is that…

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workplace sexual harassment of employees

The conduct of workers in the organization toward each other, as well as management, has a direct effect on the success of the company. Employees are the ones who are driving every company to greatness by the performance of its duties. The essence of workers influences the success of any…

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Culture Lag and Culture Shock

The word culture lag emerged from the notion that it takes a longer time for culture to adopt changes brought on by technological advances. There are social challenges and issues facing individuals in their day-to-day lives due to technological lag. Exposure to a foreign world or an alien culture, on…

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Usage and Innovation of Information Technology

There is a causal link between the use of information technology and innovation, according to the two papers. The terminology used in the journal, “Computer in Human Behavior,” is technical and reflects recommended standards of reading for a peer-reviewed audience. For eg, the newspaper has reported “The vocabulary used in…

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Green Business

Green business is defined as a company that has no adverse effect on the environment, culture, community, or economy on a local or global scale. ExxonMobil is an international oil and gas company that focuses on sustainability and utilizes technology and innovation to meet the world’s energy needs (ExxonMobil 4)….

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