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Value Added by RFID in Supply Chain Management

Radio Frequency Identification is an automatic identification and data capture technology used in the identification of products or services (Masum, Bhuiyan, and Azad, 2013). RFID is composed of tags, readers, and middleware. The tag is formed from chips and attached to products, the reader helps in receiving and returning answers...

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Workplace Wellness Promotions Programs

In 2016 the number of unhealthy workers reached over three billion across the globe, and this number continues to rise. Among these three billion workers is an alarming increase in older workers who are generally less healthy. Also, there is over two million work-related deaths and over 300 million work-related...

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Analysing Key Challenges Faced By the Jewellery Entrepreneur

Globally, the Jewellery industry has witnessed exponential growth concerning sales volume, the variety of jewels traded, market share for industry players and most importantly, profits in the past half-decade (Euromonitor International, 2018). The recession of 2008 to about 2013 significantly impacted on service industry sections such as jewelry in Britain...

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Business Management Role in Fostering Innovation

1.1 Introduction Good business management is mostly attributed to key factors that help a firm meet its competitiveness in the market (Chesbrough 2007, p. 27). Despite the global agreement about the management role in fostering business innovation in ensuring business growth and development, so many people still confuse the concept of...

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The Diffusion of Innovation

The Main Idea The main idea of this chapter is to discuss the procedure, the purpose and the time it takes for new ideas to be adopted and implemented. There are four fundamentals of dispersal, forms of innovations and problems associated with inventions. Dispersal of Innovation For dispersal of innovation to take place...

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The Consequences of Innovation

The Consequences of Innovations The consequences of innovations are the main subject matter of this chapter. These are the changes which take place on a person or a social system when there is either an adoption of an innovation or a rejection of the same. Diffusion researchers have not been giving...

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Innovation Concept

The introduction of a new product into the market usually finds the five steps idea or Hamel’s wheel innovation concept useful. The discussion to follow will identify and discuss the steps as well as show how they may be applied for a new product.             To start with, the steps, the...

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Innovation in the Retail Industry

The Internal Processes and Challenges in a Workplace The internal processes of a workplace can be executed regardless of the external business factors. The internal processes tackle vital aspects in the workplace and any organization in general, as it ensures delivery of primary services. In our workplace which is a retail...

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The Importance of Innovation in Barclays

Innovation in Barclays Innovation in Barclays has been one of the most important factors which the company has been valuing for many years. According to Ciner (2018, p. 79), innovation is fundamental in this company because it plays a crucial role which enables it to remain in the industry. The impact...

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Navigating the 4Ps of Creativity and Change

Difference between innovation and invention: Howells (2002, p.1) describes invention as the creation of a product or introduction of a new process for the first time in an organization. On the other hand, the author describes innovation as a process of introducing improvements or significant contribution on existent products, processes...

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Innovation District Planning and Development

The Case Studies in Innovation District Planning and Development is a research that has been designed to help individuals who are interested in the Innovation District Development, with an understanding on the essential factors which contributes to the successful development of these projects alongside the problems that they faces in...

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Effects of Modern Technology on the Advertising Industry

The Impact of Technology on the Advertising Industry The majority of studies in the applied sciences and engineering have shown that technology is an environmental factor that contributes to increased innovations and inventions. (Arthur, 2009). Technology has had a significant effect on a wide range of industries, including the advertising industry. The...

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