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We all know what sustainability is since this concept is on everyone's mind lately, but learning more about it is a great idea, as is your sustainability essay. Sustainability might as well be most “in” word of 2020, when more and more people are determined to grow their own food, shop in thrift stores, recycle and reduce household waste. Millennials nowadays are exceptionally mindful of the planet and how we can save it for future generations. Sustainability essays are gaining popularity, as they go in hand with modern-day tendencies for global environmental education. Learn more about sustainability from our best sustainability essay samples, which you can find below. Most samples of essays on sustainability touch upon different ways of green living – both local and global. Which angle on sustainability will you explore in your essay?

Adoption of Sustainable Practices in the Restaurant Industry

Recent trends in sustainability in the restaurant industry Recent trends have pushed many businesses to implement sustainable policies and practices. In studying sustainability in the restaurant sector, the main items that are often affected include energy and water, food waste management, and effects of products on different habitats. Some of the...

Words: 925

Pages: 4

Sustainability Education and Approaches to Entrepreneurship

A sustainable business model A sustainable business model is what the modern entrepreneurs focus to develop. A sustainable business focus to make profits while considering the social and the environmental demands. However, most entrepreneurs find it a challenge to integrate the three dimensions of sustainability simultaneously due to the conflicting demands...

Words: 4431

Pages: 17

Sustainable Packaging Options for Beverages

Sustainable or green packaging involves enclosing or protecting products using materials or technologies that are environment-friendly (Verghese 23). At present, sustainable practices in marketing continue to attract increasing attention as corporations position themselves in the competitive landscape (Wever 232). A summary of the main discussion points, sustainable packaging options for...

Words: 486

Pages: 2

Sustainability of Urban Infrastructure

A secret report of the National Academy of Engineering noted that the current state and set up of urban infrastructure is not sustainable, and therefore it negatively affects the society’s population and the associated economic sectors such as transport and communication. Ness states that through the improved access to the...

Words: 433

Pages: 2

Sustainable Development in New Zealand

The investigation of worldwide urban development in the last couple of years has been significantly influenced by the sustainability forum along with the growing recognition that everyone is part of one eco-system (Cattelino 68). This forum centers upon the relationship between the natural resources such as pollution, soil,...

Words: 1576

Pages: 6

Barriers to Sustainable Development in UAE

Sustainable development and the UAE's green economy initiative Sustainable development is the management of cultural, economic and social factors to ensure human beings live comfortably. Due to several factors, sustainability is not achieved in the world and managing these factors can be critical in ensuring the future generations will not be...

Words: 522

Pages: 2

Economic Responsibility as a CSR Issue at Optus

As a company which is focused on adding value through the use of technology and innovative ideas, we are well informed of the importance of working towards attaining the aims set in the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8. We are aware of the SDG 8 which insists on “Decent...

Words: 1420

Pages: 6

The Concept of Sustainability in Food Production in Western Australia

Brueckner, M., Durey, A., Mayes, R., " Pforr, C. (2013). The mining boom and Western Australia’s changing landscape: Towards sustainability or business as usual?. Rural Society, 22(2), 111-124.             The purpose of the research is to explore the role of mining in Western Australia presenting a multidisciplinary viewpoint on the...

Words: 764

Pages: 3

Sustainable Development

A sustainable society can continue indefinitely as its consumption level reflects environmental and resource balance. Therefore, it should ensure that there is equality, freedom, and a good standard of living to all its citizens. Moreover, a sustainable society focus on the present and future well-being of its people. The pursuit...

Words: 889

Pages: 4

Causal Claim in "Accountants Will Save The World" by Peter Bakker

A causal claim by Peter Bakker A causal claim made by Peter Bakker in the article titled "Accountants Will Save the World" is as follows: the inability of all businesses getting involved in solving the world's toughest problems is caused by the current less comprehensive accounting rules (Bakker, 2013). The claim presents...

Words: 607

Pages: 3

IKEA: Sustainability in Procurement

Business organisations and the importance of sustainability Business organisations are finding it increasingly important to engage in practices that take into account the interests of various stakeholders in the business environment instead of only focusing on profitability goals. While the primary objective of most business enterprises is to generate profits, conditions...

Words: 1785

Pages: 7

The Sustainability Implications of Food

In the day to day activities, human beings always come into contact with various things or objects, with some of them being things like water and food. A day rarely passes without an individual taking water or having a taste of some food. Therefore, these objects play some role or...

Words: 1510

Pages: 6

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