Essays on Natural Environment

The Impact of Tourism on the Environment

Negative Impacts of Tourism on the Environment Nations with tourist attraction sites have benefited from the income that tourism contributes to the economy through employment, foreign exchange earnings, and growth of service sectors (Postma and Schmuecker, 145). However, tourism may also result in adverse outcomes in the environment, communities, natural resources,...

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Environmental Impact of Transport Infrastructure Development in Bangkok

The guidelines for transport infrastructure development are based on the principles of security, inter-modality, application of modern technologies, complimentary use of all forms of traffic and the rational use of available capacities and resources in the country for the benefit of all citizens. When considering the importance of transport in...

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Tourism and Environment

Tourism is a major source of income to the Economy. On the other hand however, it has been a major source of adverse externalities, more so to the surrounding environment. Negative impacts of tourism on the environment t emerges when the number of tourists exceeds the capacity that the environment...

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Nightingale’s Environmental Conceptual Model

Florence Nightingale and the Environmentalist Theory Florence Nightingale established and published the nursing philosophical and theoretical view of the patient's health in connection to environmental conditions, which led to the development of this theory. Metaparadigms have four components: environment, person, health, and nursing. Nightingale's conceptual paradigm related health to five environmental...

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Serpentine Control of Biology

Serpentine soil is made up of worn ultramafic rocks. These rocks are brought to the earth's surface by either tectonic uplift or erosion of material above the ophiolite. Because of the mineralogy and forces at work in the physical and chemical environment that constitutes metamorphism, the rocks are further classified...

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Causes of Death Worldwide

The Environment and its Impact on Health The environment is the sphere around which life revolves. The environmental state in which one lives influences one's health, which is the quality of life that every individual seeks. As scientific advancements were invented, it was widely assumed that the illnesses that had long...

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Germany's winter sports attires

The Technological, Political, Legal, and Economic EnvironmentsPolitical Democracy is a feature of Germany. Under Grundsegetz, which was created in 1949, it operates under a political system. The essential framework of German government is reflected in the constitution, which also establishes the principles that the country should uphold. Additionally, it is the...

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The Environment

The debate over the environment continues to rage around the world, with scientists almost evenly divided on the subject. Different organisations and governments' interest in the environment has more than doubled across the world because it plays such an important role in people's lives. Habitat is loosely described as the...

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The 1970s Worldwide Cooling Consensus Myth

The Consensus about Worldwide Cooling The consensus about worldwide cooling never endured among scientists; this was a deception created by the media. The scientific paper created between 1965 and 1979 proves that there was no before-mentioned global cooling. The best scientists in the field composed this paper, which was peer-reviewed. Furthermore,...

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about military recycling

Waste management challenges are critical in today's global culture due to climate change fears. As opposed to incineration and landfill, recycling is the most effective waste disposal mechanism. The decline in landfill capacity due to ever-increasing population and usage patterns has forced governments and other organizations to pursue alternate waste...

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The Impact of Deforestation on the Environment

Climate change is a worldwide concern that has piqued the interest of many academics. Many losses have been suffered in the climate, economy, and culture at large as a result of dramatic shifts in climatic conditions and global temperature. Not only has there been a loss of biodiversity, especially of...

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Marine Plastic Pollution

Plastics have been an integral part of human life. It is one of the most prevalent materials in the world. Plastics are commonly used by industries for packaging purposes (Fanshawe Parsons 5). The Impact on Oceans Studies show that the marine environment carried the biggest mass of the plastic debris...

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