Essays on Environmental Protection

The issue of ethical dilemma

The Consumption of Plastic and Environmental Ethical Conundrum The consumption of tons of plastic through the use of bottled water, which would take a long time to biodegrade, presents a significant environmental ethical conundrum to modern society. (Novotny, et al., 2010). Despite these circumstances, bottled water has a number of environmental...

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Biltmore Estate and the Impact on Appalachia

George Vanderbilt started construction on the Biltmore mansion in Ashville in 1889. The building process took six years, and the year 1895 saw the formal opening. A self-sustaining environment was intended to be the building's background as they introduced livestock breeding and food cultivation. (Bryan, 2014). The farm introduced the...

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The documentary titled The Greater Good

The Greater Good The Greater Good is a documentary that chronicles the development of forest preservation in the United States. (USDA Forest Service, 2008). The documentary narrates the evolution of the organization using interviews with respected former employees of the USDA Forest Services and other historians. It begins by analyzing the...

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Activated Clays and Zeolites

Activated clays are frequently bentonite clays that have been naturally or chemically activated to improve their adsorption properties. Several features, including as abundance, chemical inertness, non-toxicity, and porosity, enable activated clays to be suitable adsorbent materials. Because of their propensity to absorb dangerous chemicals such as dyes, organic compounds, and...

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The Human-Nature Connection

Human Progress and Nature Human progress is essentially dependent on the products provided by nature. We require water, food, clean air, medicines, and timber, all of which can only be obtained from healthy ecosystems. Weather and climate change are influenced by how humans interact with the environment. Nature provides us with...

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Negative Externality Microeconomics

One of the negative externalities: Air Pollution One of the negative externalities that directly affects me is air pollution created by industries as they manufacture things for consumption. There is a small oil refinery nearby that emits a lot of pollutants into the air during the day. The other is a...

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The green economy

The Green Economy The green economy is defined as economic aims that aim to decrease environmental concerns and ecological scarcity. The primary goal of the green economy is to promote ecological development while minimizing environmental deterioration. The green economy is fundamentally centered on reducing environmental waste in order to optimize the...

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Trump’s administration

The Trump Administration's Reduction in EPA Funding The Trump administration has drastically reduced the funding of the Environmental Protection Agency. This has been interpreted as a move by Trump's administration to prioritize industrial development over environmental improvement. This was one of his campaign slogans that helped him gain support from prominent...

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Adam Minister publication, “Junkyard Planet,”

In his book "Junkyard Planet," Adam Minister highlights various contradictory discoveries about humans and the environment. The book in general illustrates how people mistreat the environment in order to exploit recycling or waste goods, which contradicts information about the risks such firms or trade offer to the environment and human...

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The Junkyard Planet

One of the principles promoted by the junkyard planet is the preservation of the environment and prevention from dangerous risks. The globe is strewn with dangerous materials, and the items are recycled to protect people from the various effects of the elements, according to the book ( page 2). An...

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The World Reflection Paper

Climate Change Lawsuit: Standing Up for the Future Climate change is one of the world's most pressing issues. Furthermore, when it comes to the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference deadline, present attempts to reduce greenhouse emissions are running out. In an interview with Victoria Barret on Public Radio International (PRI) The...

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Aboriginal Public Policy and Administration

Environmental Sustainability and Aboriginal Participation in Sustainable Development Environmental sustainability continues to be a major concern. Indeed, research has been done to determine how corporations might ensure compliance with the issue of environmental sustainability. The paper, in particular, assesses Aboriginal participation and engagement in issues of sustainable development. The paper is...

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