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You should start your American history essay by mentioning that the first people arrived in Alaska 10-15 thousand years ago through Bering Strait. American history essays sometimes fail to mention famous Icelandic Viking Leif Erikson, who discovered America five centuries before Christopher Columbus, calling it Vinland. To allow a better understanding of your essay, American history can be divided into several main periods. American history essay samples often describe the colonial period, which lasted from 1607, when Jamestown was founded, to 1783, when the War of Independence ended. The second period ended with the start of the southern state’s withdrawal from the United States in 1860. Numerous samples of essays on American history tell about the third period, which marked the end of Reconstruction of the South in 1877 and new admission of the southern states to the Union. Gilded Age and Era of Progressivism ended in 1919 when World War I finished. World War II raged up to 1945, and then modern American history began.

Separation of the Church from Political Authority

During the colonial era, there were many church-state relations models in different sections of the United States that attempted to separate religion from political office authority. The Anabaptists, Pietists, and Puritans were among them. This essay compares and contrasts each of these models. The essay also explores the importance of...

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Multiplier Effects

The debate will center on the decade from 1949 and 1959, when the United States of America encountered numerous hurdles as it worked to establish worldwide economic dominance. This period was defined by the end of the Second World War, which saw many European countries slip into recession, with the...

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Detroit city

Detroit is located in the American state of Michigan. It is the most populated city in Michigan, the largest on the US-Canada border, and the fourth largest in the Midwest. It is located in Wayne County, which is also the most populous county in Michigan. According to McDonald (3320), the...

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The U.S Healthcare Disparities

Despite the fact that the United States has grown significantly after World War II, health disparities in the country's population remain an Achilles' heel. There appears to be no just end, since the country is listed among nations with the highest income-based inequality in terms of population health. According to...

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Many civil rights movements

Many leaders of civil rights movements in the 1950s and 1960s changed American history by confronting prejudice, making the country a better place for all members of society (Sitkoff, 2009). Not only did the leaders make substantial contributions to the black community, but they also expanded their efforts to other...

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Equality vs Abolition

Abolition vs equality is a topic that has dominated American history, dating back to the period of slavery and the Civil War. Before the American Civil War, abolitionists advocated for the abolition of slavery and were involved in a variety of activities aimed at emancipating slaves. On the other hand,...

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Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist positions

During the ratification of the constitution in the United States in 1788, two opposing camps arose, divided by, among other things, the distribution of power and rights of individual people, as well as a slew of other concerns. The federalists believed that a strong federal government would be preferable for...

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South America History

The southern United States of America has long played an important role in both the political and economic areas of the country. One prominent figure from this region is Bill Clinton, who served as President of the United States of America from 1993 to 2001. The region has a highly...

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743, on a Shadwell property near Charlottesville, Virginia. He was the third of ten children, and his father, Peter Jefferson, was a successful farmer, while his mother, Jane Randolph Jefferson, came from a wealthy family. At the age of nine, Thomas Jefferson began...

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Changes in education system

The educational system has seen numerous adjustments over time. Numerous changes have occurred since the United States' first school first opened its doors in the 17th century. This essay discusses the most pressing problem facing the American educational system during the next fifteen years. There will be a significant shift in...

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Race in America: “Blaming the victim”

Given the history of race in America, colorblindness has taken on the characteristics of "history-denying" movements like those that reject the Holocaust. The 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust are comparable to this. Ian Lopez offers a historical account of racism and citizenship. "Those who want to claim...

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The Kalapuya group

The Chinookan people and the Kalapuya group of people both resided in various geographical regions of Oregon. The Willamette River Valley was home to the Kalapuya tribes, whilst the Chinookan people settled around the Lower Columbia River and Pacific Coast. Their various lifestyles and economic activity were influenced by this....

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