Essays on American History

You should start your American history essay by mentioning that the first people arrived in Alaska 10-15 thousand years ago through Bering Strait. American history essays sometimes fail to mention famous Icelandic Viking Leif Erikson, who discovered America five centuries before Christopher Columbus, calling it Vinland. To allow a better understanding of your essay, American history can be divided into several main periods. American history essay samples often describe the colonial period, which lasted from 1607, when Jamestown was founded, to 1783, when the War of Independence ended. The second period ended with the start of the southern state’s withdrawal from the United States in 1860. Numerous samples of essays on American history tell about the third period, which marked the end of Reconstruction of the South in 1877 and new admission of the southern states to the Union. Gilded Age and Era of Progressivism ended in 1919 when World War I finished. World War II raged up to 1945, and then modern American history began.

Social Movements in the United States of America

Social Movements and Social Change Social movements are strategies and organizational structures that are made to empower oppressed groups of people so that they can resist advantaged and more powerful elites. These are large groups which can be formal or informal according to organizations or individuals whose focus is specific social...

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The American Freedom and the New Deal

The Collapse of the American Economy in the 1920s The 1920s period in the American economy seemed like an era of growth and prosperity, but a collapse was witnessed in 1929. The underlying factors that led to the collapse of the economy include ineffective and flawed banking system where the deposits...

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The New Deal and Its Impact on America

The government of United States of America came up with programs after the Great Depression in a bid to revive various sectors of their economy. The New Deal was to rescue the country from great difficulties that she was experiencing at the time. Therefore, the essay below intends to discuss...

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The New Form of Racism in Post-Civil Rights America

Although the US has had significant progress towards the abolition of racism through its policies and laws, there is an emerging challenge of institutionalized racism, which is a major contemporary social issue in the United States. Themes that will apply to the analysis of the thesis statement America has failed to address...

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The New Deal and The Great Depression

1. Stock Market Crash of 1929. Many believe erroneously that the stock market crash that occurred on Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, is one and the same with the Great Depression. In fact, it was one of the major causes that led to the Great Depression. Two months after the...

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The Role of Morality in the American Politics

The American political and social sphere has been greatly influenced by concerns about morality. This is evident from certain policies and political events that have taken over along the American history. A good example is the progression of moral based arguments that led to the Prohibition Law that banned the...

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The Impact of The Conservative Resurgence on America

`           Franklin Roosevelt and his liberal democratic party were thought of as the saviors of the economy in the United States. Nevertheless, liberals in the late 1960s and early 1970 created economic turmoil, political instability and social excesses that resulted in a resurgence in conservative thinking. Americans became inclined to...

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The Concept of Anti-Americanism

Anti-Americanism Anti-Americanism is the concept of hostility to the interest of the people to the government of America (Beyer and Ulf Liebe, 93). It is the aspect of opposing or becoming hostile to anything of or associated with the United States of America. Anti-Americanism refers to the opposition of the interests...

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Women in the United States in the 1950s

During the Second World War, the majority of the men abandoned their family roles and adopted the responsibilities to defend the United States of America. As a result, women became the empowered heads of the family with the duties such as providing the source of livelihood for children. However, after...

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The Importance of LGBT Rights in The United States

The talk s main issue is the rights of LGBT people. Wright, the speaker, calls all individuals equality irrespective of their sexual orientation. As per the speaker, LGBT people continue to face discrimination in various sectors in America (Wright). This is wrong, as it never makes one a second-class...

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The Somali Americans History

America and Somali Americans America has for over the years been the home of everybody regardless of the origin. In this paper I'm going to base my research on African Americans particularly from Somalia, a country in the east of African continent, commonly referred to as Somali Americans. The first group...

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The Issue of Reparations to African Americans

High ranking black leaders and scholars have been debating on the issue of reparations to the members of their race as well as the government out of revenues from the tax. They have discussed to greater length of some words such as libertarianism when analysing the issue of reparations. Libertarianism...

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