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Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter - Reformation

As a leader of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther King exposed the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church in a number of writings. First, there were misunderstandings within the Catholic church, most of which contributed to an increase in abuses as a result of problems like selling church positions or associated...

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Martin Luther king

Martin Luther was an Augustinian monk and a Christian philosopher whose writings inspired the Protestant Reformation and had a significant influence on the beliefs of many different Christian traditions. I was born in Eisleben in 1483, and after becoming a German monk, I started one of the biggest religious revolutions...

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The Reformation

The Reformation was a time of radical change in politics and social norms, as well as religion. It took place in several regions and over a period of a few decades. The Protestants reformed the doctrines of the Catholic Church in order to promote personal faith in Jesus Christ and the...

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