An Analysis of Youth Work in Nigeria

The definition of youth varies in different settings but is generally used to refer to young people (Ruspini 8). In most countries, regions, and communities, youths are considered and defined as young people aged between thirteen and eighteen. Since young people develop under different circumstances with varied perspectives and priorities,...

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About Street Gangs

Since the beginning of time, there have been street gangs. No matter how developed a nation or region is, their influence can still be felt everywhere. According to Ruble & Turner (2000), the term "street gang" designates a specific group made up of young people with varying degrees of structure...

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The Future of Anti-Aging - senolytics

Folklore surrounding the hunt for the fountain of youth is the subject of numerous urban legends. No of the country, era, or generation, it seems that people are preoccupied with maintaining their best health and frequently have the wish to live forever. But it goes without saying that everyone passes...

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The Retaining Millennials in the Private and Government Sectors

Millennials are recent college graduates who entered the workforce between 1980 and 2000. Despite their youth, they are aware of the standards set by the various sectors represented by their employers. Given their high demand, it is obvious that keeping millennials in the private and public sectors is a difficult...

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Extended Definition of Millennial

The word millennial is taken from centuries. As an adjective, millennial refers to or denotes a time period of a thousand years. It may even refer to a thousand-year anniversary. As a noun, the word millennial refers to an individual approaching young adulthood in the early twenty-first century (Helping Millennials...

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about aging

The active cycle is a time in a person's life when he or she is at his or her peak in terms of fitness and vigor. However, as they age, the elderly face a slew of new obstacles in their attempt to maintain the lifestyle they once enjoyed in their...

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Market Characteristics and Segment

The popularity of Italian and German sportswear among young people who want to be like the wealthy has enabled trainers to enter the UK market (Shroyer and Weimar 255). The sporting clothing and footwear market are worth more than £ 60 billion, with sportswear accounting for the majority of the...

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Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Substance misuse and crime have played a large part in the deterioration of most countries' social and economic standing. The bulk of the world's children are victims of opioid trafficking, and the majority of families are also affected by the disaster. In certain areas, the epidemic has extended to older...

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the youths and politics

Several states have passed legislation that discriminates against one race. In certain nations, for example, youths must bargain for nearly ten minutes before voting. North Carolina, for example, has eliminated early voting for those under the age of eighteen, while in Texas and Tennessee, one cannot vote with a student...

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politics and youths

Politics plays a vital role in all facets of development. Politics, on the other hand, is marked by the displacement of such classes, such as women and youngsters. This emphasizes the central theme of this article, which is to include an investigation into the reasons why youths are disinterested in...

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Adrienne Rich’s A Woman Mourned By Daughters

Adrienne Rich's A Woman Mourned By Daughters is an evocative poem in which two sisters struggle to connect with their deceased mother. This poem is divided into many parts, beginning with the death of the mother and progressing backward in time to when the women were young girls. The poem...

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‘To The Virgins, To Make Much Of Time’

‘To The Virgins, To Make More Of Time' is about the passing of time, especially the rapid passage of one's youth. The first stanza warns readers to collect rosebuds when they are still young, as they will wither and die tomorrow. The second stanza addresses the rise and lowering of...

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