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Most of us can write a Chinese culture essay without spending hours on research, as the world has been obsessed with Asian culture for years now. The culture of China began to form as early as 3000 BC. Most Chinese traditions have survived and are practiced to this day. Chinese value family and hard work, they celebrate traditional holidays and honor local customs – China has retained its abundant culture like no other country in the world. That is why writing Chinese culture essays is such an enjoyable endeavor! Don’t you agree? Take a look at some great Chinese culture essay samples below and feel free to explore our favorite essay samples for insightful ideas. If you are less enthusiastic about essays on Chinese culture than we are, know that you can always rely on us to complete essays in your stead.

Wu Zetian Bio

Even though having a woman rule as emperor during the Tang dynasty's most glorious years would have been highly unnatural in accordance with Confucian beliefs, Wu Zetian, also known as Wu Zhao, was the only woman to do so in Chinese history. (Wills 202). Wu Zetian was Emperor Taizong's concubine,...

Words: 1567

Pages: 6

The Ching reading

The reading of the Ching highlights aspects of ordering, proportionality, order, and patterns. These components, along with other closely related elements, form the core of proper urban and even rural design, albeit with minor variations due to the variety of environments. Planning and architecture professionals have become interested in the...

Words: 757

Pages: 3

Chinese Pharmacology and Diverse Populations

Chinese culture is made up of numerous and diverse groups of people depending on ethnicity and lineage. As a result, providing the optimal treatment for the population will necessitate a thorough understanding of the population from a pharmacological standpoint. As such, the primary goal of the study is to outline...

Words: 903

Pages: 4

My Several Worlds by Pearl Buck, Chinese Family, and Kinship by Hugh Baker

Several literary authors have previously written about family and kinship; many of them have used their own personal experiences to explain the mortal bond that exists between people. As the daughter of a Presbyterian missionary, Pearl Buck spent the most of her early years immersed in the local Chinese culture....

Words: 1106

Pages: 5

Art was destroyed during the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the 1960s.

The study's goal will be to explain how the revolution, in particular, contributed to the suppression of art. The paper will use a variety of sources to accomplish this, based on the evidence of their credibility outlined below. In Australia and China, Barmé studied Sanskrit and Chinese history. He has also...

Words: 394

Pages: 2

The Works of Art of Asia

As its appreciation invites others to marvel at the artist's distinctive point of view, art transcends cultural, political, and social barriers. There are various forms of artistic expression, and each one has characteristics that relate more to its genesis. Asian artworks are particularly valued around the world because they show...

Words: 1090

Pages: 4

chinese culture art

Mao Zedong was in charge of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which took place between 1966 and 1976. (Cornell University). The introduction, propagation, and installation of socialism as the dominant political ideology in the nation were the main goals of the revolution. To do this, Mao urged the nation's youth to...

Words: 1655

Pages: 7

Civil Service Curriculum in China

Undoubtedly, the Chinese Civil Service Curriculum is the longest academic assessment system in human history. It was formed around 146 BCE and, in 1905, was eventually abolished. The test, taken only by boys, qualified applicants to work for the imperial government and helped form China's socio-cultural, political, academic and economic...

Words: 582

Pages: 3

The significances of red envelopes: Promises and lies at a Singaporean Chinese funeral

The article "The meanings of red envelopes: Promises and lies at a Singaporean Chinese funeral" written by Ruth E. Toulson, revolves around a large question: Why do red envelopes appear at Singaporean Chinese funerals? The creator attempts to understand the connotations of shades in the Chinese culture and how it...

Words: 1246

Pages: 5

Empress Wu's colonial influence in China

Empress Wu's colonial influence on the Chinese Patriarchal Culture In the history of China, the majority of empires were governed and ruled by men. In the situation, however, where women came to power, such as Empress Wu, major impacts were felt, especially if the former leadership stressed the...

Words: 621

Pages: 3

The Yang and Yin theological idea in Chinese Culture

In studying the Chinese faith, the principle of Yang and Yin is essential (Wang 215). The Yang and Yin religion idea reflects a circle form sign that helps decipher how things function in the Chinese religion. While the inner black and white circle symbolizes the relationships of this dynamism known...

Words: 313

Pages: 2

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