The Chinese Room Argument

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has caused production of computer programs that are more superior to a human being in various aspects. Computers can calculate large and complex sums in a matter of seconds and it is capable of playing chess. These functions require high intelligence levels; these prompted most of the...

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The Muslim Nation's Vision for China

The Chinese speaking Muslims (Sino Muslims) and various groups of nobles and thinkers who sought to save China from its enemies by strengthening the China-Muslim links laid out a variety of strategies in an effort to establish China as a country. Their growth had both political and religious justifications. Each...

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Chinese history period

The Chinese adopted a distinctive form of Christianity under the leadership of Hong Xiuquan (1814 1864) during the period (1850 1864) when they rejected Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism in favor of the religion. This led to the abolishment of private property, a radical redistribution of land, gender equality, and an...

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The book, My Old Home by Lu Hsun

Lu Hsun's novel, My Old Home, was published in the early 1990s. Throughout this time, the Chinese engaged in serious and heated debates about their culture, philosophy, history, and other relevant topics. The argument was an early instigation into the fundamental issue confronting the Chinese people; the flaws they had...

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Chinese immigrants in United States

Chinese Immigrants in the United States Chinese immigrants have been coming to the United States in great numbers and for a very long time. The immigrants started coming to America in the 1840s and up until the present. Currently, the majority of immigrants in America are citizens due to the country's...

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Chinese 17th Century Painting; Wu Bin, Fantastic Rock for Mi Wanzhong, 1610.

One of the most well-known painters during the Ming Dynasty One of the most well-known painters during the Ming Dynasty, which lasted from 1573 to 1620, was Wu Bin. Wu Bin's moniker, "Zhiyin Toutuo," meant a mendicant monk who was hidden at the temple by three branches. His "Wenzhong" was his...

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Introduction It is undeniable that each Goe Pie development has a meaning and tells a specific historical and/or personal tale.First Impression I still recall how I felt when I first walked into the exhibition hall a week ago. She had evoked an exotic imperial emotion in me with her dramatic themed gowns...

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Formal properties of art

Two museum art pieces are provided; one depicts an intimate couple, and the other is a landscape in a hilly area. Artists employ various methods and types of art in an effort to convey a message to the art collector who wants to see and interpret the art in its...

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The novel The Dream of Red Chamber

The Dream of Red Chamber The novel The Dream of Red Chamber is one of the four classical books of Chinese history, and it is widely regarded as the peak of Chinese literature.Suspense and Curiosity The writers Cao Xuenqin and Cheng Weiyuan attempt to write a short autobiography of the king's reign...

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The Tao in Politics

The Tao Te Ching is a mysterious and elusive text written by Lao Tzu that cannot be directly criticized. The author does not explicitly state the text's meanings in the text. After the development of some assertion, the writings are inserted in such a way that a complementary contrary is...

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Significance of the Forms of Narration: A Concise Chinese

A Concise China: An Exploration of Language and CultureA concise China is an instance of a novel of language. The book tells a story about a female Chinese who came to London to research the English language but unfortunately finds herself in grammatical mishaps and encased in cultural gaffes. She...

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Tiger Mother Book Review

How is Chinese parenting distinctive from American parenting? The book Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua might reply this question. Written in the first person, it tells of how Chua, the author, goes about raising her two daughters Sophia and Louisa, nicknamed Lulu. Believing strongly that her main...

Words: 1098

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