Mythology of Ancient China

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Societies have developed more than a few myths to help account for the events that happen in the community. Some of the myths account for the starting place of the humanity while others for the strange occurrences in the world. The Chinese society developed the Norse Mythology, which illustrates the source of the universe. Also, the Chinese communities try to account for the separation of the earth from the sky through myth. According to the Chinese society, Pangu was a giant which laid on his egg for a span of 18000 years however eventually woke up and used his divine powers to open the earth. The left eye became the Sun while the proper eye became the Moon. Pangu’s hair and beards became the stars in the sky.
The Chinese societies believe that Pangu’s blood became the rivers and the body formed the four cardinal points of the Earth. On the other hand, the Norse Mythology postulates that the Earth formed as a result of the slaying of a giant, Ymir. According to the Norse Mythology, the Sons of Ymir used the corpse to create it (Lindow 322). For instance, the Sons of Ymir used the latter’s blood and skull to make the oceans and the sky respectively.
The Pangu myth postulates that the Earth originated from the events that happened in the life of a giant. In particular, when Pangu died he exhaled a gas which became the winds that blow across the Earth and the clouds which gather on the sky. According to the Chinese mythology, the veins in Pangu’s body became the roads that people use for various purposes (Chen 7). On the other hand, the Norse Mythology postulates that the death of Ymir played a critical role in the development of the universe. The supernatural beings (Ymir and Pangu) had the unique body structures leading to the development of various features in the world.
An examination of the Chinese mythologies indicates that life originated from the death of a particular being. In particular, the Norse mythology argues that the slaying of Ymir enabled gods to build various structures in the world. Therefore, it is evident that the death of Ymir was an important factor in the rise of the universe. Norse Mythology (1), on the other hand, argues that the death of Pangu led to the exhalation of the win and the production of other rivers which contain water improving the ability of humanity to acquire the various elements critical for an individual’s welfare.
The Chinese beliefs postulate that the supernatural beings that contributed to the development of the universe had unique features that helped in the creation process. In particular, the Pang mythology argues that the previously mentioned giant had a body that continuously expanded thus led to the extension of the world. Similarly, the Norse hypothesis postulates that the intelligence of the humankind increases in a manner similar to the number of days that one takes on earth. Furthermore, creation is a continuous and participatory process; hence, the universe consistently develops to help sustain the life of humankind. Therefore, it is evident that the universe continues to develop over time.
The Chinese mythologies illustrate the origin of the universe from various perspectives. As discussed in this essay, the myths which the Chinese societies developed show that the development of the universe is a participatory and continuous process. Also, it is evident that the life originates from the death of supernatural beings.

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