FASD Awareness day advertisement

The main aim was to minimize alcohol intake in pregnant women and girls by advertising on the FASD Awareness date of September 9, 2016. The ad below is displayed;
The color used in the advertisements allows us to consider the impact on pregnant women and girls of drinking alcohol. The commercial has a pregnant woman painted red and holds a bottle in the middle of the poster. The bottle content is directly linked to the womb and affects the infant. The color used in the publicity is the subject of those who have been waiting for or watched the acts of the day. The background of the advertisement is red to show the danger that consumption of alcohol among the pregnant women brings. An ethical theory that was considered in the advertisement is communitarianism. The theory applies that we have a responsibility to the community. The advertisement is done for the good of the community and not for the advertiser (Dyer, 74). The advertisement uses the principle of community and when they look at the advertisement, they will have the same opinion. Through the theory, the advertisement is able to catch the attention of the readers. Advertisement is beneficial to the community. It is through the advertisement such as the above that the community is able to learn about ethics and the right practices. When people view the advertisement, they have an inner feeling and they are able to consider what is needed by the advertisement (Dyer, 77) It is through the advertisements that the community is also able to learn about different services and products. The advertisements help in maintaining and directing the flow of products and services. Work citedDyer, Allen R. "Ethics, advertising and the definition of a profession." Journal of medical ethics 11.2 (2015): 72-78.

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