Essays on Marketing

Swedish Fashion Marketing Strategies

Write a brief description of the research topic under consideration. The research topic is ‘contemporary marketing strategies for luxury fashion brands in Sweden’. This topic guides and describes the purpose and goal of the study, which is explore the current marketing methods used by Sweden fashion companies to impact sales of...

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SWOT analysis Walmart

Walmart is the world’s leading retail company. It markets and operates as a discount chain. The firm was Sam Walton founded firm and he had an approach of selling products at the cheapest price in the market, thus cutting down his profit margin, but chose to depend on large sales...

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Understanding Contemporary Education

Understanding the role of each stakeholder is essential factor towards ensuring the success of an institution. Organizations have different stakeholders; from within the institution and from without the institution. Employees’ within the organization are as important element towards the organization’s success as customers, suppliers, shareholders and owners. An organizations that...

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Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing and its Negative Impacts on Tax Income Generation in the United States Transfer pricing comes with negative impacts on tax income generation in the United States. Different entities in the country abuse transfer pricing negatively and the ultimate effect of this practice comes in the form of suppressed tax...

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Timely Technologies and Information Systems

Timely Technology is an enterprise which provides specific electronic components for space programs function in a small town in the US market. Regarding information systems, the business has several models which can be utilized in deciding at the organizational level, such as the Technology, Organization, and Environment (TOE) and the...

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Value-chain analysis Tiffany and Co

Tiffany and Co is an American luxury jewelry company that began in 1837 as a stationery and upmarket merchandise emporium but later specialized in jewelry in 1853. Since then, the company has opened stores in major capitals all over the world. Tiffany and Co became a fully-fledged publicly traded corporation...

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Research design Paper

This section focuses on the processes used to select the sample, collect and analyse the data. The research methodology section is the most important because it determines the validity of the study findings and the usefulness of the results. The chapter constitutes of the research design, approach, sampling method, data...

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Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior in the Retail Market of the United Kingdom

This research was undertaken to establish the factors which determine the consumer behaviour in the retail market of the United Kingdom: a study of Sainsbury's. The objectives of the study were to determine the major issues faced by the UK retail market, establish the impact of business issues on overall...

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Customer Loyalty

This research sought to understand whether corporate social responsibility has any impact on consumer loyalty within Nike. This study aimed at exploring and understanding two research questions. Firstly, the researcher endeavored to learn about the proven practices that generate positive attitudes among consumers. Secondly, the study explored the perspectives held by customers regarding...

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Impact of e-Commerce B2C Model on Retail Business

This research seeks to examine the impact of e-commerce B2C model on various businesses and industries. In the contemporary corporate environment, companies are adopting the e-commerce model due to the increase in the rate of internet usage by consumers. However, this model is not fully embraced in regions such as Singapore,...

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The Role of Social Media in Promoting a Product

This research aims to do an in-depth analysis of the role of the impact of social media on a product's promotional activities (Wood, 2012). It seeks to analyze how the social interaction of the various consumers through social media platforms can be taken advantage of to boost the sales of...

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Analysis of Bendy's Bar

This report is a marketing plan for the new establishment that Bendy s Bar intends to open. The report assesses the industry situation to determine whether the conditions are favourable for new investment. The report also examines the ability of the new establishment to compete in the market. The study finds...

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