Essays on Strategy

Workplace Age Discrimination

Recently, there have been growing questions about whether current social structures can still adequately meet the needs of all age groups in the public eye due to the growth in the numbers and scope of older people in many countries across the world. Particularly, weights on government-managed retirement benefits and…

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Paper About Critical Thinking

The process of critical thinking involves using problem-solving, reasoning, and decision-making abilities. It is the capacity for individuals to pose important questions to themselves and provide prompt answers. Since critical thinking is skewed toward self-correcting and is sensitive to context, it is a process that promotes the making of wise…

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Science and Anthropology:  Epistemological Questions

Significant progress has been made in recent years in the examination of knowledge’s meaning and practical applications. This is because our ability to make crucial judgments that affect other people’s lives depends on our level of information. Hunt (2003) asserts that knowledge is a crucial skill that people should have…

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About Maritime Terrorism

The violent acts committed by nefarious individuals who operate on the sea are defined as maritime terrorism and piracy. The threat of unlawful violence prepared by sub-state actors with the intention of attaining political goals is the definition of terrorism in and of itself. It is a method that is…

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Plan of action in Life

My strategy for handling the Lot in Life scenario I selected was heavily influenced by my upbringing and personal experience. I would respond to the circumstance in the same manner as my parents did when I was just fourteen years old. I could identify to this subject on many levels…

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Religion and Culture in the Globalization of Business

Making judgments about globalization is now one of the most crucial techniques that any firm can use. Companies are relocating outside of their home nations in order to expand their operations and establish stronger market positions. One of the issues facing multinationals today is managing corporate expansions into international markets….

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A Case Study of Ford Motor Company

The headquarters of the publicly traded Ford Motor Company are in Dearborn, Michigan. The production and marketing of vehicles under the Ford, Volvo, Mercury, and Jaguar brand names constitute the company’s primary business. Through its Hertz Corporation affiliate, which provides automobile rental services, Ford is involved in many business endeavors…

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Internal Leadership Blog

Have we ever stopped to consider the type of leadership we have within our company? Do we even have the time to take a seat and concentrate on practical strategies to enhance the leadership within this organization? Do we recognize opportunities for personal improvement or professional advancement and work to…

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About Chic-fil-A

The major goal of this essay is to comprehend how Truett Cathy, the man of Chic-fil-A, came up with his business plan. In order to realize the company’s vision, the article tries to understand how he developed his strategies to meet the goals and objectives of the firm. The functional,…

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About Innovative Thinking

The environment in which businesses operate is continuously evolving. Organizations must frequently review their strategies in light of changes like rapid technology development and fierce competition since ideas that have worked in the past may no longer be appropriate. Additionally, no single solution can be the perfect fit for every…

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Planning of Business Continuity

Governments and businesses rarely prepare for disasters, but when they do, the results can be expensive. Failures are an issue since each one is different and needs a special level of planning and response. Thus, the importance of business continuity planning (BCP) becomes critical while preparing for prospective problems. As…

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An Indonesian Opportunity

The customised business streams from Booz Allen Hamilton are the best method for redesigning customer-facing employment. Booz recommended a transition strategy that helps business owners identify challenges and maximize results to offer long-term customer solutions (Hauser, Kutschera, and Roman 2017, p.213). The stages below, together with their benefits, were outlined…

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