Essays on Problems

Midterm Essay: Comments on Problems in American Politics

The central technique in politics is determining the will of the people and advancing it. Politics are conflictual in nature and this means that people involved must compromise at some point. The process is essential because they present an avenue through which disagreements amongst the larger American population can be…

Words: 1903

Pages: 7

About Child Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

Beauty pageants have received many criticisms over the years for being great proponents of vanity among young people. The pageants judge and rate the candidates based on their physical characteristics. Most people perceive these tournaments to be superficial and there is little else to give other than the outer presentation….

Words: 994

Pages: 4

Communication Problems with Supervisor at the Workplace

Daniel is a hardworking person who is always respectful and is loved by everyone at the office. He likes joking about everything and is frequently unofficially responsible for lightening the mood for nearly anyone at the workplace. He makes a real difference in enhancing the amiability of the office space….

Words: 2591

Pages: 10

Financial Management and Healthcare Finance Accounting

To address the issue first, look at the existing balance sheet in two days to see how it relates to cash requirements. By looking at the bank statement, the balance available at the bank can be determined. In general, a bank statement is a record sent monthly to the account…

Words: 3544

Pages: 13

about illegal immigration

While illegal immigrants may be considered credible and dependable due to the benefits they bring to the US, it is critical to understand the unintended consequences that translate into tangible problems such as increased competition for the limited unskilled job opportunities, increased pressure on the economy by using free social…

Words: 3824

Pages: 14

High cost of college education

Nowadays, the issue of rising higher education costs has sparked heated discussion among policymakers and the general public. In fact, the higher costs of higher education have proved to be an insurmountable barrier for many students living in disadvantaged communities (Barry and Dannenberg 34). In this respect, students are expected…

Words: 2575

Pages: 10

Love is killed by porn

Porn is a societal issue that undermines love, degrades integrity, ruins marriages, fosters violence, and consumes love (Paul 2). There are still no concrete steps in place to counteract the impact of pornography on culture. The following points illustrate the magnitude of the effects pornography has had on culture today,…

Words: 2941

Pages: 11

Computer gaming and children

Computer programming is a technique/process used to build executable computer instructions to solve problems for the computer. This essay deals with computer programming in youth, a phenomenon that is now popular in this modern age. Among the topics explored are the results of teaching programming to children, the strategies used…

Words: 1942

Pages: 8

Organizational Change and Nominal Group Technique

Nominal Group Strategy is the manner in which judgments and beliefs are aggravated to promote imagination and reason when coping with issues or problems in groups which are unstructured. It is usually used to define aspects of a social, political or cultural issue, to classify and identify goals and objectives,…

Words: 1247

Pages: 5

Healthcare Workers’ Awareness, Attitudes, and Practices During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Without a question, the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the pandemic it caused have turned most people’s lives upside down. In less than a six-month period, social distancing, lockdowns, remote jobs, and many other new and unfamiliar activities, such as writing a COVID 19 essay at school, had become the…

Words: 894

Pages: 4

The cause of tacoma bridge failure

Failure in engineering structures and parts is largely due to the design level. This can arise as a result of the failure to understand the relationship of force between the system and its components and the environment in which it is to be implemented. The climate here applies to other…

Words: 949

Pages: 4

Characters Tension in the Novel “Ordinary People”

In this scene, the communication issue in their marriage brings tension between Beth and Calvin. Both of them seem to be disagreeing with each other. Even though Beth loved her son, she was ready to let go of the pain and trauma. She feels it is possible to step along…

Words: 466

Pages: 2


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