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In my program, Turnitin and Writing Adviser will be crucial. Both of these materials will me in my efforts to write better academic essays. They might boost my writing confidence. I will be able to tell when my report is unique and has similarities if I use Turnitin. I’ll get…

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Reflective writing

Developing a reaction to one’s own developments can be facilitated by reflective writing, which is a crucial component. This is significant since doing so can be a crucial step in persuading employers that a person is qualified for a position (Orsmond and Merry, 2013, p.740). Through this method, a person…

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Skills used in writing

Five weeks ago, I was less self-assured and less proficient at writing, but I’ve come a long way since then. Building topic sentences was one of the main issues I faced when writing. The opening phrase of a paragraph serves as its topic sentence. I found it challenging to formulate…

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Final Paper

The first step in writing an essay is to consider the topic and what the solution should be. This must be organized such that the perfect answer to the question is produced. An article, no matter how long it is, must have three key sections: an introduction, a body, and…

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Effective Business Writing

To ensure that the message is successfully delivered to the audience, business writing experience requires an understanding of the five successful writing skills. As a business researcher, audience research has always been my first step in the writing process. Since the language used by younger people differs from that used…

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Article Writing

Dissemination of research findings and results is an important part of any research process and academic career. These findings and results are recorded in a database that peers and readers can access. Furthermore, these readers and peers frequently have high expectations for the format, standard, style, and language with which…

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Being a Writer and Writing Skills

The kind of language and writing style that an author adopts is very significant in the training arena. Various writers use different aspects of writing skills to bring their message. However, this is always determined by a number factors, including the type of audience targeted, the kind of message conveyed…

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Class of Writing Experience

I have realized a lot of things during this semester in my introduction to writing class. I have learned about grammar capabilities such as subject-verb agreement, sentences construction and correction and the use of punctuation marks. I have also learned how to write the usage of the APA format. I…

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Writing Skills

Effective reading and writing is the process by which a person is in a position to read the particular information recognize it and analyze the information in writing. It is entirely accepted that instructors have to play a great role in teaching which determines how high-quality the reading and writing…

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My Writing Skills

August 24, 2017 for the time I have engaged in this training, there has been pretty a lot to learn and unlearn from my daily experience. Unlearn in this case implies reviewing my previous received knowledge to meet the reality and the required standards. It has taken exposure, comments, personal…

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Writing across disciplines

Writing through disciplines is essential for developing a writer’s potential in areas such as critical thought, analysis, and broadening the possibilities for gaining information through data integration. Furthermore, the practice familiarizes an individual with various writing skills from various fields of education. For example, by defining a certain subject of…

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Composition Writing

Composition writing in faculties has been a concern in the education sector. It has been noted that there has been a distinction in how composition writing is taught in schools. Some of the scholars such as Teller, argue that teaching composition has been done all incorrect in schools. He further…

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