I think I gained useful information, skills, and experience after successfully completing the ENG1 202 Business Writing course, which will be helpful in my career.

I was able to enumerate all types of business and professional writing, including memos, proposals, reports, and letters, as well as define each type of writing and describe how it is used.

I developed the ability to differentiate between every writing in terms of formatting, general specifications, and the goal of the document.

I was able to identify business writing styles that are frequently used in memos to convey crucial information and business reports to portray the company's stance.

I learned writing all the business and professional documents in the correct format, addressing the relevant issues in a more precise and clear language.

I applied the business writing skills gained from this course in doing short reports of my class works. I was able to write all the reports correctly..

Am able to compare and contrast the general formats of the documents and it has also improved my communication skills which will unable me do reports and give ideas in a more concise man.

I examined and criticised the importance or the relevance of these documents in the modern society since technology has greatly impacted to our daily life as it has taken communication to another level.

I acknowledge the role of teamwork when dealing with these documents. These documents may pass from one person to another and processing may be required.

I did a lot of practice in writing all the documents in order to ensure that I was complying with the format standard guidelines.

I was able to use relevant terminologies and carefully analyze different situations and determine situations where the documents can be applied.

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