Business Plan for a Shell Franchise

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Any economy is powered by the energy sector. In the energy field, I’ve always wanted to be a good businessman. I realized that it is an opportunity for me to fulfill my goals when I came across the Shell RBA software. I’m a corporate citizen who believes in the leadership of change. I look forward to working with Shell to promote access to jobs, revenue, products or services from local communities. This will also allow me as an entrepreneur to develop and encourage the potential of Shells to achieve their objectives. This business strategy is why I am searching for a business under Shell RBA. It explains my motivation, goals and objectives and how I intent to manage the business including time frames and financial projections.


Shell is one of the global leading companies in the sale of premium fuels. Partnership with this entity will guarantee me benefits of developed technologies. Shell has partnered with a number of other renowned companies such as Ferrari to ensure that the operations within its outlets minimize harm and maximise on efficiency. Due to its trusted brand globally, Shell’s outlets have the capacity of attracting and maintaining a large number of customers. Therefore, a shell Franchise will automatically attract customers once established. This is a rare phenomenon since many businesses have to undergo a slow process of development, especially immediately after establishment. Operating a Shell Franchise will also promote my creditworthiness to financiers. Before approving a franchise, shell vets an individual’s creditworthy. Once a person is retained, the company offers support thorough training to improve business skills. This support will help me become a better entrepreneur and enhance my workers’ productivity.

Goals and Objectives

Personal goals

I plan to become a better business leader by taking advice from Shell and engaging my employees on how I can improve on my leadership to make their working environment better.

To continue improving my reputation and that of the business to all the partners. This will ensure that I improve my creditworthiness while maintaining a good reputation with Shell.

Business goals

To ensure that both my employees and customers reap maximum benefits from their time. Corporate value should grow by at least 50% each year.

I intent to build business networks. I will keep in touch with other franchises. Our collaboration should work towards sharing ideas that will motivate and inform both the entrepreneurs and the workers.

A strong recruitment program that will ensure that the existing talent pool develops to promote a steady growth of the business.


Value addition: I intent to organize my franchise to make it more profitable and efficient. This will ensure that I meet my target of 50% growth each year.

To provide a 24-hour service for my clients. I will ensure that all the products are always available to make this a routine and attract more customers.

I plan to start off with three units. I intent to add another unit within every two years until the 6th year.

In the first year, I will be running two units. By 5 years, I will be running four units and constructing the final one. In ten years, I will have five units with each growing by 50% each year.

Time Frames

Once my application is successful and I am retained on Shell’s database, I will start modifying the site. I will coordinate with shell to ensure that all structures are in place and that the outlets have the correct retail visual identity within 8 months. After this is done, I will spend 2 months on interviewing potential employees, familiarizing with the franchise agreement and learning from other franchises on running operations. I will be fully available to run the units after one year.


This is a sole proprietorship and I will be in charge of the overall running of the business. Therefore, activities such as tax identification will be done at a personal level. Start-up costs will be from my savings. However, I will consult lenders for financing some of the costs of running the business and expansion. Each unit will have a supervisor with whom I will work closely. The general staff will work under the supervisor. Key functions of the supervisor will be allocation of duties to the general staff. In peak seasons such as holidays, extra labour will be sought from part-time employees. Legal and accounting services will be outsourced whenever they are required.


Shell is a company that heavily invests in mass advertisements in mainstream media. In addition to this, I will use different types of signs near the units. Lighted outdoor signs, billboards and transit signs will be used to direct motorists. I will also use banners and flyers to reach the local community with information on our products and new offers.

Operational Excellence

To ensure that there is growth, I will check weekly reports, shrinks and shortages. This will help me make a decision on what should be expanded or contracted to meet the needs of the customers. Once this is done, the units will offer personalized service.

Shell has shown commitment to maintain safety of its customers, workers and the environment. I will work closely with shell and its partners to ensure that my structures are up to standard and that employees are informed of the appropriate safety measures. I will constantly outsource services of engineers who will work closely with Shell to ensure that the units meet the standards and policies outlined in the Franchise agreement.

Financial Projections

The following are the financial projections for the first year of operation per unit.

Sales forecast$350000



Equipment and Machinery:$25000

Furniture: $1500

Total: $46500-Depreciation (15%)

Net value$39525

Operating Expenses

Salaries $30000

Insurance Premiums:$12000

Advertising: $4000

Shell Billings: $35000

Interest on loans: $6000


I intent to increase the sales by creating a base of loyal customers through providence of consistent, timely and affordable goods and services. Stock replenishment will be done on time. The supervisors will be tasked with keeping in touch with large customers such as corporates. I will reduce the costs associated with amortization and depreciation by avoiding purchase of equipment and machinery that can be obtained through lease, for instance, motor vehicles for transporting products will be leased when the tasks come up. This will also reduce salaries expenditure since the lease will include labour.


This relationship will succeed because I am committed to meeting my personal and business and I have information that shell offers all the support necessary for this success.

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