I would like to request a change from my current Chemical Engineering major to Electrical engineering.

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I would like to request a transition from my new Major in Chemical Engineering to Electrical Engineering. This decision was made after several consultations with my close friends and family. Intensive testing has already been carried out by trained engineers, reputable publications and the internet, which have a huge impact on my decision. After the first year, I found that my future was not going down the road that I had planned before. I would also like to announce that the decision to move to Electrical Engineering is based on my approval. First, I would wish to clarify that I will not be late on my degree plan. This is because most of the first year Chemical and Electrical engineering course works are similar. Therefore, it will be easier and quicker for me to catch up with the new curriculum. In addition, it is more prudent to change to the new course as early as possible to avoid wasting more years by postponing this transfer.

Secondly, I have not been doing well in the current major. My academic performance is not impressive as I have been posting a downward trend in grades since I joined the course. To prevent low future scores, I would like to change to a major that I have more passion in. I believe that with such great enthusiasm for Electrical engineering, I will realize improved results.

In conclusion, I wish to change to Electrical engineering since it presents a wide range of opportunities. The world is shifting towards technological advancement and, I would like to be part of these computer and signal systems. Also, the course is more interesting than my current major since one gets to work and experiment with different, exciting, and new things. Moreover, I am ready to cope with the relatively tough electrical engineering coursework to make my future brighter.

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