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Engineering essay defines it as an area of human intellectual activity, a discipline, a profession whose task is to apply the achievements of science, technology, the use of the laws of physics and natural resources to solve specific problems, reach goals and objectives of mankind. Many engineering essays explore its word origin. Word “engineering” derives from Latin words “ingenium”, which means “cleverness” and “ingeniare”, which means "to devise". Essays on engineering explore how engineering is realized through the use of both scientific knowledge and practical experience (engineering skills, abilities) in order to design and create useful technological processes and objects that implement these processes. Take a quick peek at the engineering essay samples we listed below – some of the provided essay samples can make your essays full to the brim with information!

career goals in marine engineering

Marine engineering is a discipline in which professional engineers are engaged in the design, development and repair of ships, vehicles and systems used in water. A career in marine engineering can be described as demanding, thrilling, a bit of an adventure and a great way to make a living. My…

Words: 767

Pages: 3

Electrical Engineering Occupation

An Electrical Engineering occupation is one of the most aggressive and sought-after careers as a result of the high demand for electrical engineers and other components that make it so competitive in the workforce to date. Currently, the high proportion of the electrical engineers from foreign countries makes it difficult…

Words: 325

Pages: 2

The cause of tacoma bridge failure

Failure in engineering structures and parts is largely due to the design level. This can arise as a result of the failure to understand the relationship of force between the system and its components and the environment in which it is to be implemented. The climate here applies to other…

Words: 949

Pages: 4

Digital Architecture Nowadays

Digital Architecture is a area of engineering which is embedded on the use of digital media in coming up with architectural designs. It is the believed to be the modern and distinct way of questioning and modeling in architecture. This technique uses laptop modeling, imaging, simulation, and programming in order…

Words: 1287

Pages: 5

Theory of Business

In the United Sates the domestic factors are the business. The domestic atmosphere helped the company to become an innovative company. This includes cost-added innovation, development, engineering and higher revenue (Li & He 2010). On the world stage, Apple is a renowned business that uses it to influence new consumer…

Words: 317

Pages: 2

My passion for complexities

My love for complexity started at the tender age of four when I used to play chess in grade school. I was also a member of the robotics club and the math club. It broadened my reasoning skills in the management of challenging assignments. What makes me like Engineering, is…

Words: 557

Pages: 3

Engineering Air Bag

In this experiment, we inspect the airbag systems for the automobile industry. The vehicle industry has used the airbags composed of a chemical compound known as sodium azide (NaN3). However, environmental chemists have criticized the use of NaN3 due to its environmental air pollution since it is a toxic chemical….

Words: 1427

Pages: 6

The collapse of Hyatt regency walkway

Hyatt Regency’s failure is one of the world’s most notable infrastructure calamities. It included the collapse of two walkways inside a hotel called the Hyatt Regency City Hotel, located in Kansas. The time of the failure was about 7:00 p.m. at the tea party. It happened on July 17, 1981….

Words: 1492

Pages: 6

Management of Aerospace Company

The term aerospace applies only to the ongoing human endeavor to achieve success by engineering and science. Aerospace industry and sector discuss more than just aeronautics, aircraft design, service, development and maintenance. Aerospace practices aim to significantly enhance and promote the performance of complex aerospace systems and machines in a…

Words: 2388

Pages: 9

Management of change

To make a market transition technically, many approaches for handling changes must be adopted, including the lifecycle model and the system contingency model, for shift engineering in some models. The congruence model was first suggested by Fred Fiedler and is also known as the device contingency. There is no great…

Words: 3397

Pages: 13

Proposing a Data Gathering and time management Strategy at Aerotech Inc.

The Aerotech Incorporation client needs assistance in choosing a seminar or training program for time management. This would be done to improve the productivity of the engineering team in the laser systems division. Patrick has no doubt that the division has been underperforming and going past their budgets in comparison…

Words: 846

Pages: 4

I would like to request a change from my current Chemical Engineering major to Electrical engineering.

I would like to request a transition from my new Major in Chemical Engineering to Electrical Engineering. This decision was made after several consultations with my close friends and family. Intensive testing has already been carried out by trained engineers, reputable publications and the internet, which have a huge impact…

Words: 309

Pages: 2

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