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Engineering essay defines it as an area of human intellectual activity, a discipline, a profession whose task is to apply the achievements of science, technology, the use of the laws of physics and natural resources to solve specific problems, reach goals and objectives of mankind. Many engineering essays explore its word origin. Word “engineering” derives from Latin words “ingenium”, which means “cleverness” and “ingeniare”, which means "to devise". Essays on engineering explore how engineering is realized through the use of both scientific knowledge and practical experience (engineering skills, abilities) in order to design and create useful technological processes and objects that implement these processes. Take a quick peek at the engineering essay samples we listed below – some of the provided essay samples can make your essays full to the brim with information!

Ethical Decision Making in Engineering

Ethics in Engineering Ethics refer to the general code of conduct or principles required in a specific field or that which a person has set to govern their lives. Just like any other field of study, engineering also requires specific set of rules to ensure that there is proper sailing in...

Words: 927

Pages: 4

The Brooklyn Bridge: Inspiring & Motivational Story About a Woman's Courage

The chief engineer contracted to build a bridge connecting the island of Manhattan, and the City of Brooklyn passes on due to an infectious wound after sustaining an injury. His son, William Roebling, also an engineer takes over to get the job done. In an unfortunate twist of fate, he...

Words: 316

Pages: 2

Experiment of Establishing the Consistency, Density, and Compressive Strength of Concrete

This paper is based on an experiment of establishing the consistency, density, and compressive strength of concrete. The experiment involves casting of 12 sets of concrete cubes to with three different water to cement ratios. Therefore, four sets of cubes are prepared using one W/C ratio. The essence of making...

Words: 1787

Pages: 7

Assessment of Electronic Components: Analyzing Silicon Properties, Diodes, and MOSFETs

You should submit your completed assignment to your tutor, arriving no later than Wednesday 25th April, 2018. Question 1 (carries 22% of marks) (a)A specimen of p-type silicon is 6mm in length, 2mm in width and 1mm thick. Its electricalresistance is 300 ꭥ measured along the length at room temperature. Assume that...

Words: 194

Pages: 1

Advantages of Studying Electrical Engineering

I am a freshman from India, and I have come to America to pursue a degree. My transition from my home country has been successful, and I am glad to have been admitted to this institution. I am going to major in electrical engineering and I have chosen to pursue...

Words: 317

Pages: 2

The Importance of Geotechnical Investigations in the Construction of a Building

The Construction Challenges The construction of concrete buildings in areas with structural challenges is difficult. Thus, the ongoing report incorporates theoretical applications of building and construction technology to help address the inadequacies presented by the area selected for construction. Inadequate analysis and investment into a construction site might compromise the structural...

Words: 1338

Pages: 5

My Choice of Cornell Engineering College

I would wish to be part of the team studying engineering at Cornell since the engineering program provided in the college has what I need to pursue my future career and aspirations.  I understand that the college's undergraduate research opportunities are widely accessible and based on the topics that I...

Words: 667

Pages: 3

Analysis of a warren girder

In engineering, Warren girders are trusses consisting of upper and lower members connected by members arranged as a series of isosceles triangles (“Definition of WARREN GIRDER” 2018). They basically offer support to the other beams. They often have an I-beam cross-section with two load-bearing flanges separated by a stabilizing web....

Words: 1823

Pages: 7

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

The ingenuity of man in tackling societal problems has, over time, led to the construction of magnificent engineering structures, one of which are bridges. Bridges, by definition, refer to engineering artefacts that traverse over physical objects with a view to allow the passage of diverse objects such as ships, vehicles...

Words: 2332

Pages: 9

The Deflection of a Beam

A beam is a structural element utilized in the supporting of heavy loads that make various structures. The huge loads supported by the beam always tend to bend the beam while the beam reacts by resisting the bending caused by the load. The bending characteristics of a beam are dependent...

Words: 607

Pages: 3

The Effect of Forces on the Bending Moment of a Beam

In engineering and other fields related to it, bending moment is defined as a measure of the reaction produced by an element such as a beam when an external force or moment is applied to a structural element, thereby causing the element to bend (Gere and Timoshenko, 1996). Simply put,...

Words: 1987

Pages: 8

Heat Treatment Processes

Heat Treatment Process in Metal Manufacturing Heat treatment is a process that involved a combination of heating and cooling process which are timed, and they are applied on a metal or an alloy that is in solid state to make the materials gain a desirable property. The processes of heat treatment...

Words: 762

Pages: 3

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