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4.Click the "Rephrase" button. Copy the final text or download it. That's it!
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Free Online Paraphrasing Tool to Fight Plagiarism

Thousands of students use paraphrasing tool on a daily basis. It’s an excellent way to rewrite an essay, avoid plagiarism, and turn an old text into something new. What Writing Universe offers is better than most tools you can find online because it has all the benefits. One does not need to get or buy API key access. The tool is free to use, does not require registration or personal data, and can be used as many times as needed.

Why Use Rephrasing Tool and How Does It Work

When students toss research paper ideas back and forth, they might remember that they’ve already written a similar essay before. It is always easier to explore the ideas you’ve already researched — better yet, to resubmit the old paper as a new one. But such a decision has many potentially negative consequences, with plagiarism being the main issue. Professors test papers via plagiarism checkers and notice when something is copied. You risk losing your grade or even being expelled for this. Paraphraser could come in handy in these conditions.

Other times, students browse a free essay database in search of essays on the topics they require. If they find one, they cannot submit it as their own work, which makes online tools even more relevant. But how to paraphrase? This process is incredibly simple. You take a text, paste it into a box, and click “paraphrase.” After some time, results appear in a new box, and you can decide what you’d like to do next. You could use them as they are, put the new text through the same process of transformation again, do some re-writing on your own, find a synonym, etc. In the end, we suggest trying a plagiarism checker for making certain that there is no plagiarism in your work. It would be helpful and effective in every way.

What Makes Our Paraphraser the Best Choice

There are plenty of academic tools that reword sentences. Some work better, others are less effective, and making one choice might be difficult. What WritingUniverse offers stands out in numerous ways. Many online tools require registration, where users should point out at least their email. We don’t. Our visitors could open a page on our website and paste their essays into our paraphrasing tool. Some platforms have strict limits on the word count: you could work with 100 or so words only. We don’t have such restrictions. Our intention is to help you reformulate your entire essay, no matter what size it has.

Some paraphrasing tools might ask for money. We don’t approve of such an approach, especially if the company plans on helping students, who often don’t have opportunities to go beyond their budget as it is. Our paraphraser is completely free. You could use it as many times as you need — we place no limits on this, unlike some other sites. Finally, we have a welcoming design, quick mechanisms in place. With us, there is no need to look for an alternative: everything you need in a rewording tool is at your fingertips.

Main Points of Our Paraphrasing Tool for Students and Other Visitors

If you want a reword generator, you should know all details about it as well as its uses. We prepared a detailed list with this information. Take a look and keep this in mind when you start working on your paper, we’re sure it’ll help enhance your satisfaction.

  • Any text is acceptable. Not just students want to reword their texts. Numerous writers face the same need, and that is why our paraphrase tool deals with every type of text. Sure, it could be an essay, but it could also be a personal letter, a fictional story, an article, research, and anything else. The mechanism is the same, meaning that the genre of your writing work doesn’t matter. Like we said before, length is also not an issue. While you should stay realistic when using the tool, you could always break your text into several parts and put them all into a paraphraser one after another. We welcome repeated usage and don’t put any limits on it.
  • High degree of effectiveness. Any person who has a plan to transform their old text into a newer version wants effectiveness. We worked hard to ensure that our paraphrase generator shows one of the highest degrees of accuracy. The best experts from Writing Universe improved as well as perfected the tool’s mechanism until it could reword any texts by finding excellent synonyms that fit the context best. More than that, it understands how many words to change, when to do it, and which bits should be left the same.
  • Ready-made tips. This point has a close connection with the one we’ve just discussed. Effectiveness is great, and our tool has it, but when you paraphrase online, you are still facing certain risks. No matter how smart WritingUniverse automatic machine is, its understanding of context isn’t 100% flawless. Mistakes happen, and sometimes similarity percentage isn’t high or low enough, not in the way a customer wanted. For these occasions, we offer tips for the best usage of paraphraser on our website. Read them carefully. They include advice on using a plagiarism scanner each time you apply a tool, adding your own changes, like shifting words with each other or adding more synonyms, as well as using paraphraser repeatedly for the same text. This could increase its accuracy and bring you the best outcomes you want.
  • Possibility of human assistance. At times, using online tools doesn’t cut it. People might have very complex texts or have too many requirements. In case you recognize yourself in this description, have no fear: our unique essay writing service offers a specialized human touch. You could contact us at any moment of day & night and request our assistance. We have an online chat with operators who react instantly and feel ready to reply to any message, providing potential customers with information and answers to all their questions. Drop them a line or two, tell them, “Could you reword my sentence?”, and decide on an ideal deadline. Ask for any additional clarifications, and you’ll get a perfectly reworded paper right on time, without having to overpay.

As you see, there are numerous ways in which paraphrasing tools could help. Pick a machine or human specialist; set your goals and do everything to follow them. In turn, we’ll do all that is in our power to assist you.

Paraphrase Your Text with Professionals, Enjoy Instant Results

Now that you got every vital bit of info about our reword tool, you can start changing your essay. Just open our website, find the right page, and put what you wrote in the online box. A few seconds, and you’ll see an entirely different picture. Use it as you see fit or add some extra changes to it — keep doing it until you feel completely satisfied. If something still looks wrong, no problem: try our human experts. They’ll redo your paper quickly and even more effectively. WritingUniverse is happy to help out in every way, all you need is to tell us about your wishes.

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What is paraphrasing?

It is a process of change. You take one text & restructure it until it looks differently while
preserving its initial meaning. Usually, people do it with the help of synonyms, different word placement, special tools, or everything at once.

What’s the meaning of a paraphrasing tool?

It’s rewording tool that changes some words into their alternative versions. Sometimes it might change word order, too. The goal lies in making a piece of writing differ from an original version enough to avoid triggering plagiarism checkers.

Which tool for paraphrasing is the best?

WritingUniverse offers an excellent automatic tool that could become your best college helper. It doesn’t need any registration or money + it works so quickly and effectively that it’s guaranteed to impress you.

Is using paraphrasing tool cheating?

The answer depends on many factors. Change sentence with same meaning and it won’t be cheating; change the entire text and it might start looking like it. But as long as plagiarism checker doesn’t register your content as plagiarism, you are safe, so be certain to use it.