110 Great and Easy Expository Essay Topics

Are you looking for expository essay topics? If so, you are likely a student who just got a writing assignment from your teacher and who’s hoping to make sense of instructions. It’s not a problem, we are going to do everything in our power to help you. First, let’s find out what is an expository paper? It entails a piece of writing focused on exploring and explaining some idea, as well as on building an argument about it. In short, you should strive to prove a specific point of view by investigating and analyzing an idea, sharing results with your readers. This type of writing combines several others at once, and in many ways, it makes your job easier because you’ve likely already had some experience with them.

But how to pick an expository essay topic? In general, such tasks are important because they sharpen your critical thinking and help learn how to analyze something from a deeper angle than you might be used to. Topic plays an extremely important role here as it determines how interesting your research is going to be for you and your readers both. We’ll help you choose correctly based on your personal interests.

Tips for Settling On the Best Expository Writing Topics

High school, college, and university often give their students a choice between topics. Some professors insist on you selecting it from their list, but in most cases, you’ll be given a free reign. That’s where you have to be careful because a wrong choice could turn essay writing into torment and result in a bad grade. For avoiding this situation, follow these tips.

  1. Turn choosing into game. You must know that personal interest is vital as you’re picking ideas for expository essays. Before you start looking for titles, think about yourself. Are there things you wouldn’t mind exploring? Perhaps you could turn favorite hobby into your essay subject. Books, movies, historical events — anything would do. In case you still cannot decide, play a game. Choose a place, go there, give yourself an hour, and observe everything you’re seeing. Birds, passing people and animals, monuments you can catch a glimpse of, excerpts from TV programs you can hear — consider everything, and by the end of the hour, settle on an object, even if it has to be the first thing you see. This is a funny way of deciding what to write about.
  2. Brainstorm some more. When having some rough examples of expository essay topics in mind, start brainstorming. You could do it by yourself or discuss it with friends and family. Break an idea into parts: expand on each one, twist them and turn them until something solid emerges. Maybe you could even talk with classmates about it since they also have the same task — common efforts help with individual solutions!
  3. Pick sources in advance. You will need to find sources before deciding on expository essay topics for college. Pick only credible ones: they should be relatively new and peer-reviewed. Read through them at least partly. Do they support the point you’ve chosen? If they contradict it, maybe you’ll need to re-think your strategy. Or perhaps you’ll see a totally new angle to explore — that’s why sources should be selected as soon as possible.
  4. Try writing a rough outline. When you think there is a topic ready, make a quick outline about the points it’ll have. If your ideas end before the word count, then you should select another subject. Such simple test will show whether you’re prepared for writing a whole essay on topic you liked.

110 Expository Essay Ideas For Your Writing

If games and brainstorming didn’t help and you’re still looking for a topic, we can offer you another solution. How about a free list with 110 different ideas to choose from? Take one directly from there and focus on it. At the same time, you could find inspiration in this list, twisting or combining some examples for your project. It was developed just for you, so use it as you see fit!

Expository Essay Topics For College Students

College expository essay topics correspond to a specific level of difficulty. Here they are.

  1. How Should One Prepare for Giving an Effective Speech
  2. Which Population Group Has Highest Suicide Rates and Why?
  3. Why Do Some Become Addicted to Alcohol?
  4. Is Walking Outside Late at Night Dangerous in America?
  5. What Makes Spouses Want to Get a Divorce?
  6. Becoming Financially Successful: How Could This Be Done?
  7. Correlation between Having a Pet and Levels of Happiness
  8. How Does College Major Determine Requirements For Applications?
  9. Pick a Famous Person: What Made Them Interested In Their Subject?
  10. What Part of Population Generally Proceeds to Have Master’s Degree?

Expository Essay Prompts For High School

Expository essay topics for high school tend to be easier, so if this is what you need, take a look.

  1. How Do Teenagers Select Their Role Models?
  2. Why Do We Find Art as a Way to Express Our Darker Thoughts?
  3. What Intrigues Us in the Idea of Having Super Powers?
  4. Characteristics That Individuals Should Have If They Want to Become Leaders
  5. How Do Bullies Pick Their Victims?
  6. Why Are Students Interested in Participating in Sorority?
  7. Getting Education Without Becoming Heavily Indented: Is This Possible?
  8. Is There a Way to Do Homework More Exciting?
  9. Rebuilding Relationships with Lost Friends: How Could This Be Done?
  10. Common Mistakes People Do When They Start Dating

Ethical Issue Topics for Expository Essay

Ethical norms are an important part of our lives. Expository paragraph topics below will guide you through these explorations.

  1. Is There a Universal Idea of Morality?
  2. Is Reporting a Friend for a Mistake the Same as Betraying Them?
  3. Early Pregnancy: How Could This Problem Be Solved?
  4. Does the Concept of Honor Mean Anything These Days?
  5. How Do Children Decide Whether They Should Stay with Mom or Dad During Divorce?
  6. People Who Consider Themselves Ethical Should Not Eat Meat
  7. Why Is Artificial Meat So Expensive?
  8. Should Humans Be Allowed to Live in Constant Physical Pain If They Want to Die?
  9. What Conditions Justify Torture, If Any?
  10. Is Homelessness Responsibly of the Entire Society?

Expository Topics for Essay on Health

Everyone is worried about the same question now: am I healthy? If you’re, too, it might be a hint that you should explore related expository writing ideas.

  1. Does Life Become Easier If We Read Books?
  2. Are Humans With Higher IQ More Mentally Unstable?
  3. Is It Possible to Eat Healthily in Modern World Conditions?
  4. How Does the Fact of Coronavirus Affect Mental Health?
  5. Describe the State of Cure for Cancer
  6. What Makes Music Soothing for So Many People?
  7. How Long Could Humans Live If They Stayed Healthy?
  8. What Causes Stereotypes About ADHD?
  9. How Bad Representation in Fiction Affects People’s Medical Expectations
  10. Do Poor People Have a Chance to Be Healthy?

Expository Ideas on Science and Technology

These good expository essay topics about technological progress and science could be an interesting way of exploring our world and its development.

  1. Role That Hawking Played in Development of Our World
  2. Could We Live on Mars in 100 Years?
  3. What Do Scientists Think About Time Travel?
  4. Did Stalking Become Easier With New Technologies?
  5. Cell Phones as Ways of Tracking People
  6. What Are Three Major Inventions That Defined Technological Progress?
  7. Explanation of Electronic Music: How Is It Created?
  8. Principles of Climate Change: What Causes It?
  9. Is Wearing Electric Clothes Safe?
  10. Discuss How 3D Bioprinter Works and Explain Why It Is Meaningful

History Expository Ideas

Do you have passion for the past? Pick a topic for expository essay from this category.

  1. Lengthy Rule of Queen Victoria: What Did This Lead To?
  2. Historical Impacts of WW2 That Are Still Felt Today
  3. How Does Weapon Production Affect Wars?
  4. What Aspects of Ancient Greece Were Transferred to Our Modernity?
  5. Explain Traditions of Ancient Samurai
  6. Trace Origins and Impacts of French Revolution
  7. Explain How Hitler Managed to Earn Devotion of So Many People
  8. Elaborate On Connection Between WW1 and WW2
  9. Did Astronomy Help Us Understand Space Better Through Years?
  10. Explain Role of America in Modern Wars

Poetry and Literature

Book lovers and those who enjoy art in general might appreciate these topics for expository essay. Write on one of these topics or modify it for your liking.

  1. How Are Mental Health Issues Portrayed in Literature?
  2. How Life in Abuse Affected Harry Potter’s Behavior
  3. Are Events in King’s ‘Misery’ Close to What Happens in Reality?
  4. Analyze Your Favorite Poem and Explain Its Meaning
  5. Which Character Deserves Most Sympathy in Frankenstein?
  6. Second Life of Bella Swan: How Turning Into Vampire Changed Her
  7. Snow Family in Games of Thrones: What Were They Fighting For?
  8. Do Secondary Characters Receive Enough Development in Stories?
  9. Is Ron Weasley an Underestimated Character?
  10. Explain ‘Death of the Author’ Concept

Expository Essay on Social Topics

Our life is a constant challenge. Social problems are everywhere, and some sample expository essay topics could give you a chance to investigate them.

  1. What Motivates People to Avoid Participating in Elections?
  2. Did Modern Parents Become Too Lax When Raising Their Children?
  3. Why Are Presidents Who Start Wars Not Automatically Removed From Power?
  4. Is Making People Wear Uniforms Problematic?
  5. Do Most People Suffer From Internet Addiction?
  6. Why Is the Issue of Teenage Drinking So Prevalent?
  7. Could People Without Degree Still Find a Good Job?
  8. How Does Drug Addiction Influence People’s Morality?
  9. What Is an Acceptable Age for Being Pregnant?
  10. Why Do Rich People Often Get Away with Crimes?

Education Expository Essay Prompts

Having to study is a necessity for many of us, and these topics for an expository essay reflect this trend.

  1. Does Level of Education Show One’s Intelligence?
  2. What Distinguishes Public Schools From Private Ones?
  3. Which Subjects Are Essential for Our Education?
  4. Which Subjects Could Be Removed From the Curriculum?
  5. Should Scholarships Be Given to More People?
  6. How Can a Student Check Real Value of College They Are Applying To?
  7. What Causes Some Children to Drop Out of School?
  8. Why Is Sport So Relevant in Modern Education?
  9. Why Is Tuition So High in the US?
  10. What Causes Some Adults to Return to College?

Religion and Philosophy

Religious experience and philosophical insights could be great topics for expository writing.

  1. A Perfect World: Could It Exist in Reality & Under Which Circumstances Could This Happen?
  2. What Other Figures Is Jesus Based On?
  3. Could One Religion Be Created to Unite the World?
  4. Describe Your Life Philosophy with Details and Examples
  5. Does Islam Really Promote Violence?
  6. What Bible Predictions Came True & How Credible These Instances Are?
  7. How Are 7 Deadly Sins Interpreted in Philosophy?
  8. Does Such Thing as Absolute Goodness Exist?
  9. What Causes Existential Crisis in People?
  10. Notions Underlying Aristotle’s Republic: Elaborate On Them

Expository Essay Topics for Personal Experience

In most cases, personal topics lead to the most successful results. Consider these expository essay prompts and share something you have lived through.

  1. Explain What Your Favorite Subject Is and What Makes It So
  2. Discuss the Day That Divided Your Life into ‘Before’ and ‘After’
  3. What Do You Dream About? Present This Dream with Vivid Details
  4. How Did Life With Your Family Affect the Person You Are Today?
  5. What Is the Worst Memory You Have?
  6. How Often Do You Have Bad Dreams & How Do You Cope with Them?
  7. What Does Family Support Mean to You?
  8. Event That Makes You Cringe When You Remember It
  9. Understanding You Are In Love for the First Time: How Did That Feel?
  10. What Is the First Memory You Can Recall with Absolute Clarity?

Look at Writing from a New Perspective and Improve Your Grades

If you learn how to choose your expository topics properly, you will make essay writing much more fun. Love the topic you’re exploring, and your chances at getting higher marks will grow as well. Make choosing process into a game, engage others into brainstorming, look at the lists like ours, and you’re guaranteed to come up with a catchy topic. If it’s writing that concerns you, you could seek help with it, too. Drop us a line, attach file with instructions, and set a deadline. We’ll submit a fully prepared essay by this date, and you’ll be able to send it in right away!

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